Crompton Solarium Neo Instant Water Heater Review

Water heaters have made lives so easy, especially when winters are around. This water heater from Crompton treats your cold water vows by providing perfect hot water on any day and any time you want. It keeps safety in mind and thereby ensures that the machine doesn’t overheat itself.

Having an ISI marking, this product assures its quality to its customers. It is designed compactly that can easily fit in anywhere you want it to, without taking up much of space. Crompton always makes the best quality water heaters available in the market, and this one an example of that.

Quick water heating

As the name suggests, an individual can efficiently heat water quickly with this water heater.

Overheat safety

This water heater from Crompton has a pre-calibrated automatic thermostat as well as pre-set thermal cut out, which ensures that no damage is caused in case of high temperature.

Stainless steel tank

The tank in this heater is a single piece single weld and has thick stainless steel embedded in it, which makes it free from corrosion, thereby enhancing its life.

Anti-siphon protection

This system makes sure that no water flows back from the tank, thereby protecting the heating element from dry heating.

3 Liter capacity

It is most suitable for kitchen use, given its 3-liter capacity. However, since it provides instant heating, a huge amount of water can be heated and used as per the need.

Non-ferrous plate

This makes sure that the water heater doesn’t corrode and provides safe water, which can be used for everything and also ensure the longevity of the heater.

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What Do We like


Due to its advanced protection, one can rest assured about the heater or the water tank not getting rust. This will enhance the long life of the heater.

Powerful heating element

It heats 3-liter water instantly. A consumer can heat a huge amount of water in the least wait time due to the powerful heating technology present inside.

Easy to fit

This heater can be either fit horizontally or vertically as per the convenience of the user. It is compact and doesn’t even take up much space.

Suitable for high rise buildings

It has a pressure bar of 6.5l, which makes it ideal for high rise buildings.


What We Don’t Like

Less capacity

With a capacity of only 3 liters, many customers may find it unsuitable as many might use it for purposes other than the kitchen that may require a huge amount of water at disposal immediately.



Crompton has established its brand name in the category of electronic appliances for households. This water heater is suitable for most homes as its compact in design and has a capacity of 3 liters water.

Apart from this, its non-corrosive body makes it all the more appealing in the eyes of buyers as it promises them of a longer life of the heater. So, one should purchase this water heater from Crompton as it does what it promises off at an affordable price.

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