Healthgenie 5in1 Motorized Treadmill 4612A Review

Here we have provided the detailed review of the Healthgenie 5 in 1 Motorized Treadmill, which will help you walk and run accordingly for enhancing health and fitness.

Health is the priority for people throughout the world, but nowadays due to an extremely hectic schedule, people do not find out time to exercise regularly.

Walking and running takes a long space and cannot be done at home which calls the need for going out and running. But not every time it becomes possible, might be due to adverse climatic condition or work pressure. But in this way by skipping exercise, you are ruining your inner health condition.

The only way you can maintain better health is purchasing a good treadmill that can help you to run and walk. These are designed in a way that it becomes helpful and comfortable for people to run or walk. Treadmills have helped people in leading a healthy lifestyle.

With the many choices that are available in the market these days, choosing might sound easier, but actually, it has become much more confusing. But since it is really difficult here, we have an excellent choice for you which is the new Healthgenie 5in1 Motorized Treadmill 4612A.

This treadmill has been built and designed in a way that it becomes valuable for the users. Starting from a comfortable running space to including a robust motor inside the treadmill to amazing speed range, everything about this treadmill has been designed to help people accomplish their fitness goals.

Quite knowingly, we tend to check the features when we look for a treadmill, and similarly, this treadmill has made it sure to fulfill your needs. We will find out in details about the features that have been packed in this treadmill.

Product Specifications

With some of the rightful features equipped in the treadmill, this new treadmill has become one of the major choices for the trainees these days. Undoubtedly, a treadmill is known for its features and so as this one. Let us check some of the major features integrated into this treadmill by the manufacturer.

2.0 HP Motor:

As most of us are looking for the simplest ways to look good and be in shape, we mostly opt for running. While running, it’s the motor that decides its performance and which is why the treadmill has been equipped with a sturdy motor of 2.0 HP. With such a robust built motor, users can stay assured while running on the top speed. The treadmill has the capability to endure the strides and make sure of no wear and tear.

49 x 18” Running Surface:

When you are tall, you find very uncomfortable to run on a treadmill. The only reason is due to less running surface, your mind gets conscious and stops from practicing properly. Since taller people have longer strides, this treadmill has been designed with a running space of 49 x 18 inches. When such a huge surface is present for you, you can easily run without the fear of falling.

120kgs of Max User Weight:

Keeping in mind about the need of people, this treadmill has been designed in a way that gets the ability to take up to 120kgs of weight. Being provided with such a huge ability of weight capacity, it becomes a great choice for the families, as one machine can serve the different purpose of the entire family. Also keep in mind that while running on the top speeds, you need to keep 20 kgs as a buffer to ensure the longevity of the treadmill.

Three years of warranty:

As we all know that Healthgenie is a well-known brand in the world of the treadmill and have provided with some of the amazing machines. Since the manufacturer is quite sure about the built and functionality of this machine, this machine comes with three years of frame warranty and one year on the motor. Hence you can buy without thinking of any future issues.

0.8 – 16km/h Speed:

This treadmill is great for both beginners and pro level runners, as it has been designed in a way that everyone can take their call and run as per their comfortable speed. With a speed variation of 0.8 to 16km/hr, this treadmill can fulfill the needs of everyone starting from beginners to the pro level trainees. 16km/h is a huge speed to be able to accomplish on foot, but still, then it’s a great inclusion in the machine.

Auto Lubrication:

Most of the machines tend to lose its original strength due to improper maintenance. As lubrication is a vital part in keeping the rollers moving and belt running, most of us tend to forget, and as a result, it becomes a damaged product. Even when we crush the manufacturer, it is our fault. Keeping all the things in mind, this treadmill has been designed in a way that the rollers get automatically lubricated. The auto lubrication is a great addition in the machine.  

7 Inches of Screen:

When the machine has a wide screen, it becomes visible for the trainees to observe everything happening with their body and how much they have worked out so far. With a huge 7 inches of screen present in the treadmill, it becomes easy to read the speed, distance covered, time spent, calories burnt, multimedia options and your heart rate.

Auto Inclination:

To make exercise satisfactory and fruitful for you, the first thing you need is to put your body to new challenges every day. Running alone at high speed might not bring new challenges to your body, but uphill running or fast walking can. This is where auto incline features become highly advantageous as it tends to offer great results by providing new challenges to your body.

Proper Suspensions:

The treadmill has been properly equipped with various things, and one of the most common things is the two springs and six gel cushion suspensions. This means that even when you run for a longer period, your joints and ankles won’t feel the pain. With these suspensions present inside the treadmill, you will be able to keep up your health while maintaining a proper shape.

Let us have a brief look at the product features:

WarrantyThree years for frame and one year for motor and other parts
Display7 Inches of Touch Screen Display
Safety KeyYes
Motor2.0 HP
Running Belt49 x 18 Inches
Maximum User Weight120kgs
Speed0.8 – 16km/h
SpeakersYes, great quality speakers
SuspensionSix gel cushions and two spring suspensions
PortableYes, with transportation wheels present
Auto InclineYes
Auto LubricationYes
Other accessoriesMassager, twister, sit-ups, and dumbbells set

What Do We like

  • Perfect running surface: On using the machine, we realized how comfortable it is to ride and run on it. With ample of running surface in the treadmill, this machine has made running walking more accessible than ever. It’s apt for people of different height.
  • No Noise: Generally most of the manufacturers claim to offer a treadmill that does not make any sound. This treadmill is not one of them. This does not make any noise while speed-walking or running at top speed. Even when we tried running at high speeds, there was no noise.
  • Preloading run programs: This machine provides you with a chance to provide a new challenge to your body with the help of the preloaded run programs. When you have the choice to customize the programs, you can stay assured of acquiring great results. This helps to acquire the new challenge and get toned physique within less time.
  • Decent speakers: Even when most of the treadmill does not come with great speakers, this treadmill has decent speakers. Unlike the others, at least this treadmill allows you to listen to your favorite music while exercising.
  • Responsive touch: The screen has an amazing touch, and we loved it. In just a touch of any button, you can change the speed, programs or anything present in the treadmill.
  • Easy to assemble: Even when this is a great machine with some of the extraordinary features, this machine does not take much to assemble. You do not need experts for installation as the guide with doing it. As most of it comes pre-assembled, the rest can easily be done by anyone.

What we don’t like

  • Improper functionality of heart rate function: We expected the heart rate to be more precise. We cross-checked with the health clock, and unexpectedly we found that the treadmill is not showing accurate results.
  • Console height is short: This might not be a huge problem for the shorter people but for, the taller people it is. They have to bend a little to view the console and everything written on it as it is located at a shorter height.


The new Healthgenie 5in1 Motorized Treadmill 4612A is a great machine that has been equipped with some features in it. With such a great speed range, giant screen, huge running surface and touch screen facility, this machine not only aids in getting into proper shape but make things easier for you. Moreover, the auto inclination is an added advantage for the pro runners.

So if you are in search of a high-end machine between INR 45000 with great build quality and tremendous performance, you have made the right choice by choosing Healthgenie 5in1 Motorized Treadmill 4612A.


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