YAOJIN W11 Security CCTV Camera Review

Yaojin deals with the specialization of electronic products like IP cameras and car accessories. When it about IP security, it offers top-notch security gadgets for maximum safety. The Yaojin W11 2MP 1080p Full HD security camera has multiple smart features. It helps to access it directly from your smartphones to capture every moment, be it day or night, for your safety.


HD pictures

The YAOJIN W11 2MP 1080p security camera has HD resolution. It captures every detail in high definition 1080 pixels that give you a clear-cut view. It enables visualization for seeing every activity clearly without any distortion.

Motion Detection and Instant Alert

The 1080p security CCTV camera instantly detects motion. It then sends an alert to your email and phone immediately. The instant alert makes sure you are aware and always notified about any movements even if you are not around or away on a trip.

Night Vision

The security camera comes with a hidden infrared night vision light. It makes sure you to view any motion as clear as day even during the night up to 16 feet. All the actions and movements will be captured and recorded for your viewing.   

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What Do We like

Two-way Audio

It features a two-way audio function. It enables you to listen and speak to the other side of your door with the help of a secured network connection. Hence, you can keep an eye on intruders and also interact with your loved ones at the same time.

Flexible Installation

The security camera can be installed flexibly at your home. It can be wall-mounted, supported flat, or be hoisted over a high place, as per your convenience or the need of the hour.

PTZ Angle

The 1080p security camera delivers a pan tilt and zoom angle. It gives a remarkable view with a super-wide 110-degree viewing angle. The pan and tilt provide complete 355-degree coverage. It can be viewed from up/down/left/right angles at your convenience.

What We Don’t Like

WiFi Connectivity

Users have complained that the WiFi connectivity was not secure. It failed to make a connection. Once offline, it may take up to two days to connect again.


The YAOJIN W11 2MP 1080p WiFi security CCTV camera is one of a kind security gadget. It has all the required features required for an ideal CCTV. It has an alert system and motion detection that do not compromise with your safety for even a bit. It costs merely lesser than what it offers.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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