Sricam CCTV Cameras

Shenzen Sricctv CCTV Technology Company, commonly known as Sricam, is one of the leading companies in solving security system issues.

Sricam offers solutions to not only homes and small offices but to multinationals and large enterprises, ensuring that you are safe.

The company has established a network of customers worldwide, and its products can be found in the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, India, Russia, and many other countries across the world.

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The range of products manufactured and distributed by Sricam include

Wireless IP cameras

Infrared waterproof camera

PTZ IP Cameras

Gun-Type IP cameras

IP dome camera

High Definition Network cameras

Wireless video cameras.

Specifications of Sricam range of cameras

From the list of the cameras above, the specifications will vary from camera to camera, but the main ones include:

Sricam indoor IP cameras have a mobile live viewing ensuring you can watch what is going on at all times regardless of your distance.

The cameras have clear two-way speakers that ensure you can talk and listen more explicit. The camera also has an integrated noise-canceling microphone.

The high definition cameras have a 3.6mm high-quality lenses that capture clear and better images.

The cameras can rotate up to 360 degrees right and left and up to 90 degrees up and down, ensuring all areas are covered.

The infrared night vision cameras ensure that you get a clear picture even when it is dark with a ten pc LED lights.

The outdoor cameras have a weatherproof housing that ensures the camera is protected from harsh weather conditions.

The outdoor cameras also have a mobile phone view where you can set up your home on your mobile phone and be able to view it from anywhere.

The outdoor cameras have multiple viewing technology that enables you to view your camera on various devices at the same time. This technology allows you to have different location views on your home at the same time.

The cameras allow you to store footage on either an SD card, an NVR, or a PC, all at the same time ensuring you have enough back-up.

The outdoor cameras can capture clear images from a distance of up to 40m.

The wireless cameras have a repeater feature extend, which allows you to attach the camera that is out of a signal range to one with the signal enhancing and improving Wi-Fi connectivity.

The USP of Sricam

Sricam has invested heavily in technology while at the same time maintaining simplicity in its products. This means that the cameras can be used by the ordinary person without compromising on specifications since they are easy to use. This is one of the USP of Sricam.

The fact that you can get live video of your premises at all times from anywhere in the world has made Sricam cameras very popular since you are not only protected but connected with your property and people that you have left behind. This is also a strong USP of Sricam.


The security of your premises, your organization, and your own security in public places cannot be taken for granted.  Sricam cameras ensure you are protected at all times, and in case of an intruder or a breach of security, the back-up available is enough assurance that the perpetrators will be identified.

Connecting with your loved ones when away even as you ensure they are safe by way of live video coverage is a big plus. It gives you and your family peace of mind. Buy Sricam and be safe.

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