CP Plus CCTV Cameras

CP Plus is one of the youngest players in the security surveillance market. The company has a state of the art manufacturing plant in Andhra Pradesh India. 

The manufacturing plant is where the company manufactures all its surveillance cameras and recorders.

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The surveillance equipment includes

CCTV Cameras.

High-definition IP Video surveillance cameras.

Mobile DVR’s.



Time and attendance solution.

Digital locks.

Home automation solutions.

And other customized security solutions for the Indian market. 

The company has expanded its business to several countries in the world, including China, South-Africa, Sri-Lanka, and many others.

CP Plus CCTV Cameras

Some of the features you will find in CP Plus CCTV cameras include

Up to 8 Mp cameras.

Dual-stream video compression ensuring you do not miss anything that is going on.

The CP Plus night vision camera can capture images in color. This is an essential feature since most intruders come at night. 

Most of the cameras have a motion detection feature and notification feature. When there is an intruder, you get a notification on your phone, and an alarm is also triggered.

It can rotate up to 360 degrees, ensuring you cover all the monitoring areas. Some cameras also support multiple viewing.

Some of the cameras also support multi-platform viewing allowing you to view using different platforms at the same time as the phone, a laptop, and an iPad.

The cameras are waterproof and can be able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Some of the cameras allow you to see up to 50 meters even at night.

The cameras have a two-way audio, meaning you can have a live conversation, and you can even give instructions to your employees.

The cameras are easy to install and set up. You only need to download the app and follow the video instructions.

The USP of CP Plus

CP Plus is a company that specializes in providing only security solutions. This specialization means that the company does a lot of research before it brings a new product in the market. The products are, therefore, high quality and are built to offer solutions after thorough research. This is the USP of CP Plus.

The USP of CP plus CCTV cameras are in the price. Most of the CP Plus cameras are affordable to ordinary people. Despite the affordability of the products, the company does not compromise on quality, and you will still get the best.


CP Plus CCTV cameras are manufactured in India with a state of the art manufacturing facility for the Indian market. A lot of research and development goes into production. 

The company also employs over 1000 people, which means that CP Plus helps in not only solving the security needs but also employment needs locally.

The cameras are affordable, and you will find one that suits your needs. There are simple cameras and complicated cameras for large and small spaces.