Modernista EasyCam 100 Smart HD IP Wireless Home Security CCTV Camera Review

CCTV cameras have become a standard utility when it comes to the establishment of security. The term stands for closed-circuit television. It came into the picture with its first installation by Seimens AG in Nazi Camp, Germany, in the year 1942.

The Modernista EasyCam 100 smart HD IP CCTV camera serves as surveillance against the possible thefts, burglaries, and other types of crimes. Also, this ensures for the latest technology Wifi enabled CCTV surveillance home security IP Camera that can PAN and tilt up to 360 degrees.



In-built Wifi

The device has an in-built Wifi that enables connecting to the smart devices through the free installation of the app that allows the users to view the live footage in any part of the world.

EasyCam 100

It has an EasyCam 100 that features 1.0 MP lens. It records the video in an extremely high definition mode up to 1280 X 720 pixels.

SD Card Storage

The device supports external storage space in the form of a 128GB micro SD card to store the preview footage and use it when required.

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What Do We like

Enhanced IR Night Vision

It is capable of capturing high-resolution footage with immense clarity, even at night. The IR lens allows you to maintain complete security at night or in low-light situations.


It is built intelligently to support a two-way microphone to mediate the communication process.

Motion Detection

The camera sends alert notifications when any motion is detected. Hence, you can ensure complete surveillance in an efficient manner. The CCTV camera can pan and tilt up to 360 degrees ensuring the complete coverage of the area.

What We Don’t Like


The device can only be used for a limited area, and thus another device needs to be installed in the specific area to be covered out of the previous device’s range.

Network Connectivity

There might be an issue with the networks. Thus, the device may perform less efficiently due to the network connectivity issues in the area.


This device is reliant due to its lightweight and smooth dimensional capabilities, which makes it easy to install in any corner of a place. The manufacturer offers a worry-free warranty period to the user, making it incredibly easy for the customer to cater to the technical faults. Thus, this device can be a valuable choice for those looking for a reliable securiy solution.

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