CP Plus  (CP-GPC-D24L2-S) Security Camera Review

CP Plus is truly a great brand that offers reliable security and surveillance solutions. It has a wide variety of efficient CCTV cameras in its product catalog. So if you are looking for a decent CCTV camera for your home that is effective day and night.

This is why we would like to introduce you to this CP Plus Dome Night Vision Camera. It possesses nice and modern features that will provide you with an efficient surveillance system for your home or business. In order to prove to you that it is reliable enough and will surely not waste your money, then we will enumerate its advantages and features below.

2.4 Megapixels CMOS Image Sensor

This is an assurance that the footages that this CCTV camera will produce are clear and do not flicker because of its 2.4 MP and 1080p resolution.

Low Illumination Compatible

This camera can capture effectively, even in low light conditions. This is perfect if you want to safeguard your home or business for 24 hours a day.

2-Year Warranty

It has a 2-year full warranty that will protect you against product defects in case you found one.

Accessories Included

This product has accessories included in the deal, which will surely make the most out of your money.


It has the FPS range of 25 to 30, meaning the footages that it will produce are smooth and not laggy.

Warm Light

It allows a video output that allows you to view footages that are gentle to the eyes.

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What Do We like

Amazing Design

This CCTV camera has a premium design which comprises of portability, great-looks, and user-friendly interface.

Affordable Price

It does not have an expensive price tag. That’s why it will surely fit the budget.


This camera is built of the finest materials that give this product a long lifespan.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

It does not need any hard maintenance for it to function well, saving you a lot of time and effort.

What We Don’t Like

A little bit difficult to install.


In this CCTV camera, you will surely enjoy the benefits that it has because of the features that are integrated to it, such as 2.4 Megapixels CMOS Image Sensor, Low Illumination Compatible, 2-Year Warranty, Accessories Included, Low FPS and Warm Light. You will experience all those features at a very affordable price.

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