Godrej Security Solutions SEHCCTV3100 IR Outdoor Bullet CCTV Camera Review

Godrej is a leading brand in the world, which mainly manufactures consumer goods, home appliances, chemicals, construction, electronics, furniture, cameras, etc. CCTV camera is advanced security solutions.

The Godrej CCTV camera has a dimension of 15.7*10.7*7.7 centimeter. It is mainly made up of high-grade plastic material. It comes with a 1.3 MP resolution, which ensures high-quality images and videos. It is also equipped with motion detection sensors and night vision, making it ideal for houses, offices, etc.

Motion Detection

The camera consists of motion detection technology, which helps in capturing all types of motion occurring in the range of the camera. It alerts the user with a notification when it detects movement.

Night Vision

The night vision technology helps in capturing crisp and clear images in the dark with the help of the infrared lens. It also ensures that the camera can capture all the little details.

1.3 MP Resolution

This camera is equipped with a 1.3 MP resolution. It helps in achieving high quality, crisp, and crystal clear images and videos.

Infrared lens

It includes a 3.6mm infrared lens with a distance of 20-25 meters. This helps in capturing high-quality images and videos at all times.

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What Do We like

Built-In Mic

This CCTV camera consists of the built-in mic feature. It can support four microphones at a time. The feature ensures that the owner can easily talk to their family member on video or audio calls from anywhere.

Video Recording

The video recording feature helps in recording videos. It sends notifications to a particular mobile for alerting the user.

25 FPS Recording

The camera has a capture rate of 25 frames per second for the higher accuracy of the event capturing.


The CCTV camera can be easily connected to any monitor with an HDMI or VGA connection port.

What We Don’t Like

No Wide Angle

The CCTV camera does not have a wide-angle lens due to which a wider area cannot be covered in recording the footage.


The Godrej camera is one of the best choices as it is very long-lasting. It has a very unique and fabulous design, making it ideal for houses and offices. The motion detection feature helps in capturing the motion and send the notification to a particular mobile. The infrared lens helps in achieving crisp and clear images.

The CCTV camera has a built-in mic feature, which supports four microphones at the same time. The night vision technology helps in capturing the images and video in the dark up to the range of 20-25 meters. Hence, it is a suitable option because of its unique features.


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Pranshi Agarwal

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