D-Link CCTV Cameras

D-Link company, formerly known as Datex Systems Incorporation is the first networking company to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. The company is involved in networking and communications and has products ranging from switches, surveillance network cameras and business wireless products. The company also has consumer products which include wireless devices, broadband devices and digital home devices like media players and surveillance cameras.

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D-Link CCTV Cameras

D-Link CCTV cameras are equipped with specifications ready to protect and keep you safe. The specifications include:

The cameras have a weatherproof housing and a glare-reducing sunscreen which means they can handle dust and rain. Some selected cameras are rugged enough to handle tough outdoors without having to use any additional accessories to protect them.

D-Link CCTV cameras are built to capture the tiniest of images clearly and vividly. Details like license plates of cars, faces, and even currency can be captured clearly in high resolutions.

The cameras use Power over Ethernet for simple installation. You, therefore, do not need to drill holes for cabling.

The cameras provide live video recording, live view and playback management. You can, therefore, view all that is happening in real-time from any location.

The cameras have a high-sensitivity 3-megapixel sensor that enables you to get high-quality videos.

D-Link high-density cameras give you a 360 degrees coverage that ensures you get to monitor large areas with one camera. 

D-Link cameras allow you to have simultaneous video streaming and recording using H.264 and MJPEG codecs.

D-Link cameras have robust management software that ensures you can easily manage 32 cameras in a central location. In case of any odd detection, an e-mail is sent to keep all the administrators aware of any unusual activities.

The USP of D-Link

D-Link has been involved in offering network solutions. The company manufactures products that allow homeowners to do simple tasks at home easily. 

You can easily be able to detect a water leak using the sensors. The company’s USP is in providing simple solutions to homeowners. These solutions help in saving money that would have been used to call experts.

The CCTV cameras by D-Link integrate smoothly with all the other products already being used in the home. That integration enables you to continue enjoying simple solutions while at the same time enjoying safety and protection.

The company has five cameras in the market all with unique specifications. The cameras are affordable and easy to use which makes it one of the unique selling points.


The average homeowner is not a complicated person when it comes to security measures. Most people want easy and simple solutions where they can detect motion, are easy to set up, a camera that offers quality images and one that is affordable.

D-Link CCTV cameras are able to give you the simplicity that you need from its range of cameras. 

The cameras are also affordable and you are assured of finding what you want based on your specifications.