Bullet CCTV Cameras

Bullet CCTV cameras are monitoring devices also referred to as lipstick cameras, that have a bullet shape or are shaped like a lipstick cover.

These types of cameras are normally installed pointing a specific direction like the way a barrel of guns would look. They are usually erected on walls or ceilings and are therefore made to withstand rain, heat and cold conditions

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Advantages of having a bullet CCTV camera

Due to their size, the cameras can be easily hidden and can be installed in the most unobvious places.

Bullet cameras are installed facing down making them less likely to be blurred by light reflection or intentional blinding meant to obscure pictures.

Although the quality of the camera will depend on the price of the bullet CCTV device, the bullet cameras capture high-quality pictures. The wide-angle does not distort the picture. The cameras also capture high-quality images even in dark places due to the infrared sensors that can detect when to light up and when to go off.

Bullet cameras are versatile since they can be IP or analog depending on your choice.

They can withstand all weather conditions.

What to consider before buying a bullet CCTV camera

Ensure any LED light in the camera or the surroundings are not too powerful especially if you will use the camera indoors. If the LED is too powerful it can interfere with the infrared red and affect the images.

Look for a bullet camera that can use both fixed and variable lenses.

Are wires important to you or do you prefer a wireless CCTV camera?

Check if your camera has a motion detection feature.

Ensure the camera is visible at night.

Some of the features in most bullet CCTV cameras include

If you purchase a wireless CCTV camera, installation is easy and you only need an adaptor.

The camera has a motion detection recorder.  Once a motion is detected an alert will be sent to your e-mail automatically. Some cameras can even customize detection to minimize false alarms.

Some of the high-end bullet CCTV cameras have an 8mp high definition camera and a DVD recorder.

365day battery life.

Compatible with smartphones.

Can record audios. Some the cameras have cloud recordings that keep videos on a separate server ensuring you do not lose data in case you lose the CCTV camera.

The cameras have remote zoom.

An inbuilt microphone that enables you to have two-way communication.

The camera can tilt up to 360 degrees providing you with a view of every corner of a room.

In case there is no Wi-Fi in your area, you can purchase a CCTV camera that has hotspot connectivity.

Difference between bullet and dome camera

FeaturesBullet CameraDome Camera
Connection TypeConnection via Wi-FiConnection via Wi-Fi
VisionDay and night vision cameraAvailable
Motion DetectionNot AvailableArtificial intelligence motion detection
RecordingDVD recorderNot available
SizeSmall in size easy to hideBig in size not easy to hide

From the comparison above, the most important features are available on both cameras. Your choice of the camera, therefore, depends on your preference.


While purchasing a CCTV camera may look very technical, it is very easy to know what to buy based on your specifications.

A bullet CCTV camera is a good choice as it will offer you and your family protection in discreet. You will find one that will meet all your needs and will be pocket-friendly depending on your budget.