Hikvision EZVIZ C1C Indoor Camera Review

Owning a CCTV camera on our home or properties is a privilege that you should not miss. It is one way of safeguarding our valuables from people who are trying to have full access to it. By using CCTV cameras, you can monitor your surroundings and see if there are unusual things that are happening, which you can easily report to the authorities with solid proof.

With regard to that, you must ensure that you have a clear CCTV camera that you can use. This is why we would like to introduce you to the Hikvision Ezviz 1MP HD Resolution Indoor WiFi Camera. It has a decent spec that you can make use of to have efficient surveillance on your home (indoors).

Two-Way Talk

This feature allows you to send and receive audio with the use of this camera for a better and much efficient surveillance system.

Enhanced Night Vision

This will allow the camera to produce bright and clear images even at night.

Micro SD Slot

It gives you the ability to upgrade the storage system of the camera so that you can store lengthier surveillance videos on it without the need to delete video files from time to time.

Wi-Fi Feature

This allows you to use the Wi-Fi to transfer data from the CCTV so that you can see what’s happening inside your house.

Motion Detection

It keeps you alert if there are unusual movements inside your house so that you can do something about it immediately in case someone intrudes on your properties.

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What Do We like


It is super tiny, which allows you to place it even in the tightest areas of your home so that it can be concealed as possible.

Easy to Install

There is no need for prior knowledge in installing a CCTV camera because this device will give you a hassle-free installation.


Using this CCTV camera is super easy and does not contain any complex mechanisms to operate it.


Buying this device will surely not hurt your budget because it has a very low price.

Great Design

It is great-looking and can be easily blended to the ceiling, wall, and many more so that other people will not notice that you have a camera installed indoors.

Clear Image

The 1 megapixel is decent enough to provide you the quality of the images that are needed for you to efficiently surveillance your home.

What We Don’t Like

Only one way audio.


In this CCTV camera, we have learned that you will benefit from its great features, just like the Two-Way Talk, Enhanced Night Vision, Micro SD Slot, Wi-Fi Feature, and Motion Detection. All of those features will give you premium security on your home for just an affordable price.

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