High-end CCTV Cameras

Security cameras have become almost vital for most people. Whether at home, in public places or at your place of work, it is important to feel safe. Many brands that provide security cameras are therefore working hard to ensure you get the best features. The more features a camera has, the more you pay.

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High-end CCTV cameras specification

You are therefore assured of the best specifications if you have a budget of above INR 4000. Some of the unique specs you will find are:

High-end CCTV cameras can be used as baby monitors. The CCTV camera is compatible with Alexa Skill, and once you enable the technology after installing your CCTV, the camera can show you the baby’s room.

High-end CCTV cameras have a noise cancellation technology that enables you to filter any unwanted noises. This technology ensures that you get barrier-free communication.

Most CCTV cameras have an infra-red light, which enables them to capture pictures at night. High-end CCTV cameras, however, have a 1 dot matrix infra-red that allows you to view up to over 30m distance at night. Most of the lenses are also larger, which makes capturing videos and pictures clearer.

Some high-end cameras have up to 16MP, ensuring you get the best quality photos.

The cameras are waterproof and do not retain moisture even during the rainy season. The cameras can also withstand storm and sunshine.

Some cameras within this range are google compatible, and you can speak to it just like you would google an item on the internet. You can ask the camera to show you whichever area you want using the google nest hub.

The CCTV cameras have instant motion alerts that send a notification to your app once something odd is detected. Some cameras can customize the motion, and you only get alerts of the “real” movements. Other cameras have customized alarm sirens that go on when they detect a motion scaring away intruders.

The cameras have two-way audios allowing you to speak and listen using the in-built mic.

The cameras are easy to set up and have clear video instructions you can follow.

Types of CCTV camera available in this range

There are many types of CCTV cameras available within this range that perform different roles and they include:

Day/Night security camera 

Wireless CCTV camera 

C-Mount CCTV camera

High definition CCTV cameras

Network/IP Cameras

Infrared Night Vision cameras

Bullet Cameras

Dome Cameras 

Comparison of high-end CCTV cameras above INR 4000 with CCTV cameras under INR 4000

The more money you pay for any gadget, the more unique specifications you will get, as you will see from the comparison below.

FeaturesHigh-end CCT cameras above INR 4000CCTV cameras under INR 4000
Distance1 dot matrix infra-red Infrared with no 1 dot matrix
Smart CCTVCompatible with Aelxa skillNot available
Baby MonitorIt can be used as a baby monitor Not available
AudioTwo-way audio Available
CompatibilityThey are google compatible Not available
Motion detectionAvailable Available
CustomizationCustomize detectionNot available


From the above comparison, it is clear that high-end cameras above INR 4000 have unique specifications. For you to enjoy all the security features that come with a CCTV camera, the best choice would be a high-end camera.

There are many types of CCTV cameras available in India from different brands. Your choice will depend on the purpose of purchase and your exact budget.

Do not compromise on your safety; therefore, make the best choice.

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