CCTV Cameras Under INR 4000

The need to feel safe and secure has made the demand for CCTV cameras high. With the advancement in technology protecting yourself, your property and your loved ones are possible since there are many security cameras to choose from.

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The specifications vary from brand to brand, but the main specifications remain similar, and they include


This type of camera can provide a real-time recording. The cameras also have a high-performance sensor that can capture images at HD resolution of 1080p at 20fps. 


A good camera should function regardless of the weather. CCTV cameras under INR 4000 are waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors.


One vital feature of a camera is the vision. You must be able to see precisely what is happening mainly at night. Most CCTV cameras under INR 4000 can illuminate the scenes and pictures in dark places and can view up to 15m. 

The camera will then send all the alerts, especially if there is any motion, to your e-mail keeping you informed. The cameras also have a high-performance infrared LED camera that helps to capture clear images at night.


It is useless to get a good vision and capture HD pictures if you cannot store them and refer to them later. CCTV cameras under INR 4000 have SD cards with a memory of up to 128GB. 

Other cameras also have a cloud data storage system that ensures that your footage will always be available even when the camera gets destroyed or lost.


All cameras are Wi-Fi enabled and can be interfaced anywhere as long as there is the internet. Some cameras also have an AP hotspot to further enhance connectivity.


To be able to fully use your CCTV camera wherever you are, you can download an app on your phone, which will act as a mobile surveillance. With this app, you will be able to switch actions and views, whether you are recording or viewing.


Most CCTV cameras under INR 4000 are easy to set up, and they have an easy to follow step-by-step installation videos.

Number of users

Most CCTV cameras within this range have multiple user technology that allows you to share the camera with up to three people at the same time.


Most of the cameras have an in-built speaker and Mic that allows you to have two-way communication. 

What are wired and wireless CCTV cameras

Wired Security Cameras

These types of cameras require cables to connect to power, the internet, and to transmit videos. This is one of the traditional methods used and is still in use by people who have large properties. There are two types of wired cameras.

PoE IP Cameras – these cameras use an ethernet cable to connect to your router.

Traditional hard-wired – these cameras are powered using two cables, one for power and one for data.

Advantages of wired cameras

There is no network/internet interference from near-by devices because of physical connections.

It provides a comprehensive cover on large properties since they can support up to 16 cameras. The security footage is then stored on a DVD recorder.

The cameras are more stable as far as data transmission is concerned.


They are not portable.

You need to drill holes through walls to have the wires connected.

Not easy to install

It can be affected by power outages.

Wireless CCTV cameras

Wireless cameras connect to the network without using cables. The security footage is transmitted via Wi-Fi and the internet. There are two types of wireless cameras.

Battery-powered – these do not require a cable to connect to power.

Plugged in cameras – these require a cable to connect to power.


Installation is easy and quick.

It is portable

It is more flexible for rental homes

Can store data using a cloud system

No cables that can be susceptible to burglars who might cut the wires and disable security.


The batteries need to be charged

The cameras rely on Wi-Fi signals; therefore, if the signal is low, it affects your security.

Comparison with a CCTV camera under INR 2000.

Below is a short comparison that shows you what you are gaining when you buy a camera under INR 4000 as opposed to INR 2000


FeaturesCCTV camera INR 4000CCTV camera under INR 2000
  1. Can view up to 15m with a clear vision
1.  Can view up to 10m
  1. 2-way communication
2.  Available
  1. Wi-Fi enabled and hotspot
3. Wi-Fi enabled and no hotspot
  1. Storage of up to 128GB
4.  Storage of up to 64GB
  1. Most brands have multiple users
5.  Very few brands have multiple users 
Set up
  1. Easy to set up
6.  Easy to set-up if wireless


The clearer your view is mainly at night, the better your CCTV camera. From the comparison above, it is clear that CCTV cameras under INR have a clearer viewership since you can see further by at least 5 meters.

Storage of data is also vital, and therefore, when you buy a CCTV camera under INR 4000, you are assured of a bigger space to store your data. These are some of the essential features of a CCTV camera.