Indoor Home Security Cameras

Being able to know what is going on in your house when you are not there is very reassuring. An indoor home security camera is an effective tool that will help you see and hear what is happening in your house wherever you are. This security gives you peace and will help you to act fast in case of an emergency.

There are several indoor security cameras available, and your choice of indoor home security cameras will depend on your needs.

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How to choose the best indoor home security camera

Although the features vary from camera to camera, these are some of the things you should look out for:

Check on the size and design of the camera. A small but tastefully designed indoor home security camera is the best since it blends well with the rest of the stuff in the house without attracting too much attention.

Ensure that the camera has a high-resolution sensor. Look out also for a camera that can enlarge and crop pictures and videos to enable you to see clearly.

Consider the lens of the camera, one that can see between 100 and 180 degrees is perfect and gives you a big range.

Find out how your indoor home security camera will connect. Although most cameras use Wi-Fi connectivity, some have Bluetooth, which is easy to connect to a smartphone.

Before you purchase, find out how your camera stores videos. Some cameras have cloud services that ensure you can store your videos and view them later.

Face detection of an indoor home security camera is essential. Some cameras can identify a face, and some can zoom in using face recognition technology.

Features found on an indoor home security camera

All indoor home security home cameras have motion detection alerts. Some cameras can send the signals to your smartphone when they detect a movement in your premises. Other indoor home security cameras can customize the motion detection to alert you only when motion is detected at a particular place.

A two-way microphone that ensures you can hear and can be heard.

Some high-end cameras have a micro SD card for storing your pictures and videos while some have cloud system storage space.

Infra-red lights enable you to see clearly even when it is dark.

Some indoor home cameras have a 92/105 viewing angle that enables you to have a bigger view of your home.

Some cameras have alarms that activate automatically once they detect intruders.


Indoor home security cameras are becoming very popular in India. Most households have both parents working away from home the whole day and have to leave their children under the care of a nanny. For you to feel safe and connected with your children, install an indoor home security camera, and you will peace of mind the whole day.

The type of camera you decide to buy will depend entirely on your needs. Most indoor home security cameras have similar features, and to get other extra features, you might have to pay more. Choose the best camera and keep your home safe.

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