iBall TOTO 1.0MP Smart HD PT Camera Review

iBall is an Indian consumer electronics company with its headquarters in Mumbai. iBall mainly imports computer peripherals, smartphones, tablets, routers, and cameras. The toto smart HD print camera is much in trend.

It is easy to install in houses, offices, and shops. The camera is equipped with infrared LEDs, which help in capturing crystal clear images within the range of 10 meters.


MP Resolution

The camera is equipped with a 1.0 MP high resolution. It is fitted with the 6 SMD infrared LEDs, which help in capturing the clear crystal images and can easily ensure footage up to a distance of 10 meters.

Micro SD Card

The camera includes a micro SD of 64 GB. It helps in storing the recorded videos and pictures, which can easily available for further use if needed.

Motion Detection

Motion detection technology helps in capturing all kinds of motion. If movement is detected, then the camera sends a notification to the particular mobile so that the owner is alerted about the things occurring at home.

Night Vision

The camera is equipped with night vision technology, which allows it to easily capture images, video, and motion during the night. The infrared lens helps in easily focusing on small details.

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What Do We like

Built-In Mic

The camera consists of the built-in mic technology, which allows the owner to talk to their family members any time with the help of the mobile app. The owner remains tension-free by watch and talking to his family members from anywhere in the whole world.

Video Recording

The camera has a video recording feature, which ensures that the camera can easily record the videos in good quality of the images. The camera is water-resistant, so it can easily capture images in the rain.

What We Don’t Like

Video Quality

The video quality of the camera is not up to the mark due to the improper aspect ratio of the camera.


The iBall camera has a unique design, making it easy to install at houses, offices, etc. The camera has a 350-degree pan, and a 10 degrees tilt rotation. The night vision technology helps in capturing the pictures at night up to the range of 10 meters.

The camera includes a 64GB SD card, which helps in storing the captures pictures and videos for further use. It also comes with an infrared lens, which helps in capturing the clear crystal images. The built-in mic allows the user to talk to family members with the help of an app. Moreover, when the camera captures the motion, it directly sends the notification to the particular mobile.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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