8 Best Smart Door Cameras

In this generation of technology, there are products out there such as Amazon devices – echo, dot etc that make our home a digital home, where any appliance can be handled through our smartphone, let’s not forget the front of our home. The doorbell is the first thing that welcomes your guest.  First of all, it might feel like just a part of the home entrance, but it serves the biggest purpose and lets us know that someone is at our doorstep.

No matter whether you live in a rural area or a metropolitan city, doorbell becomes the most common thing that people install at every home entrance. In this article, not only we are going to learn about how the use of doorbell stated but will also find out the smart doorbell with a camera.

In today’s era of the technological revolution and artificial intelligence, the working mechanism behind the doorbell doesn’t attract our attention, but when we look at the history of a doorbell, it becomes quite interesting. Can you believe that doorbell was invented more 200 years ago?

In 1817, a Scottish inventor named as Mr. William Murdoch installed the very first doorbell in his house. Since then doorbell underwent several changes as technology progressed and now we have the best smart doorbells that can live stream & record the video 24/7, run the pre-recorded messages for guests and even provide control from a remote location if you are away from home. For added security, you can even install IP cameras outside your home.

This article will help you know in detail what a smart doorbell ishow does it worka comprehensive buyer’s guide and 8 best smart door camera India. Along, with this, the article also answers the most frequently

Top Doorbell Camera

ProductAverage User RatingPrice RangeBest Price
Editors Choice
noise-free conversation
Best motion tracker
Easy to Install
Multi-User enabled
Easy integration
Two-way video interaction
Cost effective

What is a smart doorbell?

The smart doorbell is nothing but an improvised version of day-to-day audio doorbells. It is a device connected near the front door of the home, and it gets activated when someone presses the switch of a doorbell and send the relevant message on homeowners phone or other connected electronic devices.

What is smart door bell

Smart doorbell always has an attached camera which can record or live stream the actions that are happening near the front door of the home. It a good device to save time answering the unwanted guests and serves as a safety guard when you have an unwanted guest at the door.

Smart ring doorbell usually has a high-definition camera and inbuilt motion sensors that locate the motion of guest even recognize the face of guest and alert the homeowner. Once the homeowner gets the notification, he can interact with the guest at doorstep without opening the door of the home. Some smart doorbell even provides more control over what you can do with it and even allows the homeowner to open the door using a smart lock app from mobile.

How does a smart doorbell camera work?

Smart doorbell camera works by live streaming the video images of outside your front door, so you don’t have to open the door or peak through the peepholes or a window.

It streams the camera feed on electronic devices like mobile, tablet or pc. It can even record it 24/7 so you can watch it anytime. The main function of it is to allow the homeowner to view the movements next to the door discreetly.

How does smart doorbell camera work

The similar function can be found in the smart home security cameras. They do exactly what smart doorbell camera does. Smart home security cameras, when installed near the door, allow you to view the area next to the door.

Smart doorbell camera and home security camera works the same way. Both of them can detect the motion which triggers the video recording, and often, both of them allow you to talk with a person who is next to the door.

But there is a major difference and benefits between both. When a guest visits your home while you are working somewhere in the basement, then security cameras won’t tell you that they are next to your door, but when they ring the bell, you will know that they have arrived.

In short, smart security cameras are nothing but devices that lack the functionality of bell and needs a separate place to mount it near the door. Also, smart ring doorbell camera uses less energy as compared to the smart home security camera.

Best doorbell camera buying guide

With an increasing number of crimes, buying doorbell camera become the need of the hour as it allows you to interact with the person standing next to your door without even opening the door. That way it provides great safety.

Not only that, it can be used for some reasons like parents may use it so that their children don’t have to open the door when a stranger is at the door or people may use it to see if their package has ever arrived when they are not at home.

Though you buy it or not, one day you will face the necessity of doorbell camera and buying one is not an easy task. You need to pay attention to several factors. We have listed them down and explained how these things play an important role while buying the best doorbell camera.

Smartphone alerts and remote live-view video

It would be efficient if you could connect your smartphones with the doorbell cameras so that you would seamlessly get all the updates and notifications about the activities outside your door. It would be also helpful in viewing the live-video if someone arrives outside.


As we are discussing the camera, it’s obvious that we need to pay attention to the resolutions of images that it capture. Currently, doorbell camera can capture up to the 1080p resolution images and videos while some budget-friendly cameras do it as low as 480p.

The rule of thumb is that the higher the resolution, clear and sharper the image. So always buy a camera with higher resolution.

Field of View

It is defined as the area that camera can see. Camera with a narrow field of view can cover the less area and vice versa. Usually, smart doorbell camera has 180° angle view that means it can see whatever in front of it and to each side of it. Some camera has a 90° angle view and can only see everything in front of it. 

So, it is important to have a camera with a wide field of view so that you can keep an eye on a large area in front of your home.

Live view

This is one of the core function of the smart doorbell camera. When enabled, it provides the live images or video feed directly to your smartphone. It helps to keep watch on the surroundings in case you are away from your home.

Night Vision

It’s obvious to pay attention to this while buying a doorbell camera. Thieves usually get active during the dark, and you don’t want to get in trouble opening the door for a totally strange person in the middle of the night.

Camera with night vision can provide a clear view during the dark of night and provides the 24/7 security. With night vision enabled camera you can see who is at your doorstep at the middle of the night.

Audio Interaction

Some doorbell cameras come with audio features while some don’t. Those who have this feature allow two-way audio transmission for better communication. Having a smart doorbell camera with audio feature allows you to interact with the guest at the door. This function becomes helpful when you don’t want to open the door but need to interact with the person standing next to your door.

Power Source

Doorbell camera runs on electricity. They either take it from the batteries or they can be hardwired into the existing network of doorbell wires. If your hose does not have specifically designed network of wire for doorbell, then you might need to arrange for it or buy the doorbell camera that runs on batteries.

Fast Performing App with Great Support – They are called SMART for a reason. These doorbell camera can connect with the app in your mobile and let you see who is at the doorstep. But what if the app itself is not coded well and have bugs?

You need an app that syncs faster with the doorbell camera and allows you to view who is at the door within a fraction of second. The buggy app may cause the delay, and it takes long to load the images until which the person at the door may leave.

Cloud Storage

Some doorbell cameras come with the ability to store the data over the cloud for 30 days. This way you can store the video footage of the last 30 days on the cloud, and it may become helpful evidence when someone tries to steals from your house in your absence.

Though, cloud storage is not necessary having it is a plus point. If your doorbell camera company does not provide this function, you can buy cloud space from somewhere else at a low price to store your footage back up.

Interoperability with Other Devices

Often, people use smart doorbells camera as a stand-alone device. But now we have a variety of such other devices that are smart and can operate with each other to make things more convenient at home.

If you have Alexa at home then you might need if it supports its command or not.  Also, if you are not using the smart home security and want to have a doorbell camera then look if it can support the IFTTT service. IFTTT is a great internet service that allows you to automate several small tasks with great ease.

Design & Features – Though design doesn’t play any crucial role while buying the doorbell camera, you might need to see how it is designed as it comes in various shape and sizes. Usually, cheaper options have bulky design and are heavy. While the one that is expensive has a great design and have great finishes.

Latency – Few seconds delay in transmission of video and ring are accepted, but some doorbell takes considerable time to push the live video/images on the phone. So, you need to pay attention to the latency time of doorbell before you purchase it.

Apart from the things that we have discussed above, you need to pay attention to some other features too. See if it has face recognition ability and if it can tag the name of the person it recognizes. Also, accurate motion sensing technology plays an important role to identify the difference between the person and other moving objects like a car, tree, etc.

1. Godrej Security Solutions Solus – video door phone – Editors Choice

Godrej Security Solutions Solus - video door phone
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Godrej is one of the leading company in India that provides various security solutions for the home. From the durable locks to the digital door phone they have everything in their arsenal.

Ideally, Godrej security solutions solus does not fit in the definition smart doorbell camera; it serves the exact purpose as like the smart doorbell camera. The only difference between both of them is that smart camera tap into the WiFi network and display the video/image on the screen of phone or tablet. But this device comes with a dedicated screen where you can see image/video.

Main Features
  • This device has two major units, one outdoor unit that consists camera and one indoor unit that consist screen and phone to communicate with the visitor.
  • The whole system usage 8 watts and 220 to 240 volts power for operation.
  • The indoor display is 4.3 inches wide and provides better video experience.
  • It can work in the dark of night with the help of LED for night vision.
  • The device supports the installation at two doors for better security.
  • The device comes with a built-in intercom which helps you to communicate with the visitor without opening the door.
  • Godrej added some extra security to the outdoor unit to safeguard it from water and tried to make it vandal resistant.
  • Like many other doorbell cameras, this also has the ‘Do not disturb’ function.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Sturdy, vandal resistant device
  • Comes with a 1-yr of warranty
  • Free installation from Godrej
  • Can work with AC power unit
  • Has a door lock & release function
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • The device has multiple units which make installation difficult for some.
  • Though Godrej provides free installation service, several users experienced a huge waiting period to get this installed.
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2. MOGOI Smart Doorbell Security Camera – noise-free conversation

MOGOI Smart Doorbell Security Camera
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Keep your home secure with the MOGOI Smart Doorbell camera which is a new addition to the market. Now talk to your guest if they come and you are not at home. The infrared night vision helps you to clearly see the activities outside your doorstep. Let us look at the features of this product.


Main Features
  • This product automatically records all the movement outside your door while you are away from home or inside your home.
  • The camera supports loop recording which means that multiple videos can be stored in it and the videos which have expired are automatically deleted to allow new videos to be recorded.
  • Connect your IOS and Android smartphones with this smart doorbell camera. You just need a Wifi connection to set up the system.
  • The camera is equipped with HD and 170-degree wide-angle lens which shows you high-quality videos and also makes way for noise-free conversation.
PROS (What we liked)
  • The infrared night vision allows the camera to record seamlessly during the night as well. It ensures that your home is safe from robberies at night.
  • While you are not at home and you have been visited by some guests, you can easily talk to them using this camera. You can watch the real-time videos on your smartphones as well.
  • You need not have to change the modes, the day and night mode are switched automatically.
  • The installation is very easy. You can set up a wireless smart door system using the compatible apps for IOS and Android.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • No such cons mentioned about the product.
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3. August Doorbell Cam Pro – Best motion tracker

August Doorbell Cam Pro
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August doorbell cam pros is a beautifully designed smart doorbell from the ‘August Home’, a company that believes in making the front doors more secure by combining the technology with security. Apart from the doorbell cameras, they also deal in the ‘Smart locks’ for the front door.

When we talk about the front door security, we are more concerned not only about who is at our doorstep but what they do even before they ring the bell. August doorbell cam pro delivers what we want here. It comes with a trademarked technology named as HindSight™, this camera constantly monitor the doorways and capture every moments way before any motion alerts come. You can always go and see what happened before someone rang the doorbell, provided that you have taken the acquired free basic subscription from August. It stores the feed for 24 hrs so you can replay it.

Main Features
  • August doorbell is easy to install, and you can complete the setup even before installation at the door as it comes with a USB dock.
  • It seamlessly connects with August smart lock.
  • It comes with the two-way audio feature that allows you to interact with the visitors.
  •  It monitors, record and send the live feed to your phone in HD resolution.
  • It has inbuilt motion-trigger that instantly alerts you when someone is visiting your doorway even before they ring the bell.
  • It has integrated floodlight which helps to capture the full-color HD videos in the dark of night.
  • This camera comes with the 24hrs free video storage. To keep the file for more duration, you need to get a subscription from August.
  • If you are upgrading your mechanical chime doorbell with this one, then the good things that it works with an existing wiring
PROS (What we liked)
  • Two-way audio interactions
  • Continuous monitoring and video capturing with an ability to keep the footage up to 24 hrs (free option)
  • Easy to install.
  • Provide video in full-color HD format
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Does not allow motion zone creation
  • One-way video interaction.
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4. Auxtron Digital Doorbell Camera – Easy to Install

Auxtron Digital Doorbell Camera
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One more digital doorbell camera from Auxtron that managed to get on our list, and it has a reason why we included it.  Auxtron provides well designed, sturdy and easy to install doorbell cameras.

This one also comes with the same features but comes at a lower price than the one mentioned above as well as its design differs drastically than the one that we reviewed earlier. It is easy to install and needs to be installed in a 35-75mm thick door with a peephole that has 14 – 22mm diameter.

Main Features
  • This doorbell camera provides the 24-hour security surveillance.
  • Uses infrared technology to provide the night vision so the homeowner can see the clear picture of visitor even in the dark.
  • It has a TFT, HD, 3.5-inch wide display which is big enough to display a clear picture of the visitor.
  • It can monitor and record the data with time and date stamp so that user can go back to saved data and see what happened on a specific date.
  • The camera provides the 120-degree viewing angle which covers the fair amount of area and good enough for the homes.
  • It is operated on AA batteries which can be replaced when the voltage goes down. Also, it comes with an indicator that will twinkle when the battery voltage is down.
  • It supports the micro sd card for the storage of data up to the 32GB.
  • It can bell 32 pleasant ringtones and also has the ‘Don’t disturb’ function which once enabled, do not ring the bell.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy installation.
  • Can capture a clear picture of the visitor.
  • Do not disturb function.
  • Better security in the night with night vision.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Poor battery life.
  • Do not have two-way communication
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5. IFITech Battery Powered HD WiFi Smart DoorBell – Multi-User enabled

IFITech Battery Powered HD WiFi Smart DoorBell
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IFITech smart doorbell camera is one of the best product from the ‘IFIHomes’ – a company that came with various easy to use and install products that helps people to live the ‘Smart Home’ concept. From the hidden camera to the solar-powered lantern, IFIHomes has everything that you need to make your home better.

IFITech team believes in delivering high-quality products that require little knowledge to install, in short almost all of their products are insanely easy to install and this doorbell is not an exception for this rule. Apart from its easy installation, it’s super low power consumption made us include this on our list. As per the IFIHomes, bell’s working time is more than the six months (but is subject to change as per the usage of bell).

Main Features
  • It provides the 85-degree horizontal angle of view and 120-degree vertical angle, so you can see who is at your doorstep.
  • It can connect with your tablet or mobile phone and allow the homeowner to have the two-way talk with the visitor.
  • It provides high-quality images with 1080×720 pixel resolutions.
  • IFITech provides a QR code to easily install and set up the app on tablet and mobile phone.
  • Video footage or images can be saved in SD card for later reference.
  • Multiple phones can be connected at the same time so that all family members can have access to the video feed from the camera.
  • It comes with a 1MP IP camera with 3.6mm lens with H.264 video compression format.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Easy to install and comes with a quick app setup option
  • Multiuser enabled for better security.
  • Provide high-resolution images.
  • Relatively cheap device
  • Has pleasant doorbell sound
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Sleep mode enabled – Device goes in the sleep mode and becomes active when the bell is pressed. To prevent theft, you always need active mode.
  • Batteries are not rechargeable.
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6. Auxtron SF525 3.5-inch HD Motion Detection Digital Doorbell Camera – Easy integration

Auxtron SF525 3.5-inch HD Motion Detection Digital Doorbell Camera
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Auxtron exclusively deals in the security and surveillance devices for an affordable price. Whether you need a car dash camera or smart doorbell for home security, Auxtron has everything. Their security devices are usually compact, wireless and run on batteries that last longer.

Auxtron SF525 smart doorbell camera is an ultrathin device that comes with the 4 step installation and can be installed using the peephole without any electric connection as it has built-in space for the lithium batteries.

Main Features
  • Utilizes the peephole of the wooden main door for installation.
  • An ultra-thin device that can record the video and images on motion detection.
  • It is equipped with the 3.5-inch TFT HD LCD color screen that can display the video in 480×320 pixel resolutions.
  • The camera has a 120-degree view angle and can fit into the 35 to 120mm thick wooden door with 14 to 60 mm wide peephole.
  • Run on theBL5C  lithium batteries and does not require any external electricity support.
  • Night vision enabled camera with 2pcs IR LEDs
  • Comes with the 25 pleasant ringtones.
  • Do not disturb mode – Allow owners to put the bell on silent mode so that it doesn’t ring even after visitor press the bell button.
  • Video and images can be saved up to 32GB memory.
  • Saved images and videos can display the date and time when they are captured.
PROS (What we liked)
  • As like other cameras on the list, this is also easy to install the camera, but it utilizes the peephole for easy integration.
  • Time and date stamp on the saved images and videos allow the better understanding of visuals if something goes wrong.
  • Photo and video can be directly reviewed on the device screen.
  • Motion detect technology activates the video recording when it detects any activities up to the 3 meters from the camera.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Does not have a mobile app, so you can’t use it from the remote location.
  • Battery life is only 3-4 days with IR and PIR.
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7. Takefuns WiFi Smart Video Doorbell Camera – Two-way video interaction

Takefuns WiFi Smart Video Doorbell Camera
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As the name suggests, this wifi smart video doorbell camera is from the ‘Takefuns’ Amazon seller who deals in a wide range of products related to a variety of categories. They sell several electronic gadgets, and this smart doorbell camera is one of them.

From motion detection to the two-way speaking, this doorbell camera comes with every feature that we need. But the one thing that stands out is the ability for ‘noise cancellation’ while using built-in microphone and speakers. It is black colored wifi enabled doorbell that measures 7.4 x 4.2 x 1.4 inches in size.

Main Features
  • PIR motion enabled – It can detect the motion and send an alert to your smartphone or when guest press the switch of the doorbell.
  • It has built-in microphones with speakers that let you interact with the visitors without even opening the doors.
  • Two-way video interaction – you can see and interact with the visitors.
  • IR sensor & LED – This doorbell is equipped with the LED and IR sensor which automatically switches the light on for a better view of surroundings.
  • Infrared lamp illumination covers approximately 5m distance.
  • It works with around 8-24V power supply voltage and can be powered by 18650 battery.
  • The video footage can be captured in full HD, 1280×720 pixels resolution or 640×360 pixels resolution.
  • The camera has 1.7mm lens with a wide viewing angle that covers enough space so that you never miss any visitor.
  • It supports 2.4G wifi connection and seamlessly works with your home wifi network.
  • The Takefuns smart doorbell camera weighs around 549 grams.
PROS (What we liked)
  • Two-way video and audio interactions.
  • Support iPhone and Android phones.
  • Speakers with noise cancellation.
  • Full HD video footage with high resolution.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Outer body made of plastic.
  • Does not support 5G wifi.
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8. BEESCLOVER Wireless Video Doorbell – Cost effective

BEESCLOVER Wireless Video Doorbell
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Beesclover smart doorbell camera is the cheapest option among the all that we have listed on our website. Though it is cheap among all, it is managed to provide all the required function that a  homeowner wants.

Available in black and silver color, this little beast weighs around the 280 gm and extremely easy to install. As like most of the other devices, this also runs on the battery and don’t require any external power source. With several useful features like real-time video playing, low battery consumption and instant push notification for mobile devices, it becomes a go-to product for the homeowners.

Main Features
  • The doorbell device is 5.65 inches long, 2.93 inches wide and weighs about 280 gm.
  • It comes with the 2.4Ghz wifi connectivity and can connect with your phone or tablet. You can watch and communicate with the person standing at your door using your phone.
  • It is a night vision enabled device for better security.
  • 166-degree wide-angle camera lens provides the maximum surveillance space.
  • It has a motion detection feature enabled with the PIR sensors. It detects and captures the possible motions in the camera range.
  • It is a battery powered but low power consuming device so you can expect it to run longer.
  • It comes with the seven days free cloud storage option that allows you to store the video footage for free for seven days.
PROS (What we liked)
  • It can easily be installed near the main door and doesn’t require any wiring.
  • Has wide angle view.
  • Provides all-in-one features like night vision, motion detect, two-way communication & cloud storage, etc.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Does not have a memory card, so the storage option limited to the cloud storage.
  • Does not come with the batteries and it needs to be purchased separately.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are doorbell cameras Wireless?

The doorbell cameras are indeed wirelessly, you just need to have the device charged. Setup the connection between the doorbell camera and your smartphones. Now you would be easily able to observe all the activities outside your home.

2. How to prevent WiFi doorbell from hacking?

Every technology has its advantage and disadvantage, so does the smart doorbell camera system. It is an extremely useful device that helps to make your home safe and secure. It allows constant surveillance at your porch and keeps track record in the form of video footage.

But did you know that it can be hacked? As it utilizes the wifi or home network, it is vulnerable to hacking, but the good news is that with some steps such hacking can be prevented. Here are a few tips that will help you to prevent the hacking of your smart doorbell camera system.

Before we begin, we need to understand the basic working mechanism of the doorbell camera. Such devices work by connecting with your home wifi and synchronize themselves with all other electronic devices that they are compatible with.

How smart doorbell camera works

As we can see, first of all, the camera connects to the router and starts sending the video or images to the internet. Once it pushes the data over the internet, data becomes available for all other connected devices, and you can access it from anywhere.

When we look closely, we can understand that the security breach can come from three different locations in the network –

  1. Device
  2. WiFi network
  3. The smartphone that accesses the data

To avoid hacking from these three locations practice the following tips –

  • Update the hardware of doorbell camera – To keep it secure, update the firmware of camera whenever the new version of doorbell become available. This way it becomes compatible with all other system and provides an extra layer of security.
  •  Secure Home Router – People often forget to change the password of their router, so it becomes an easy target for hackers to enter in your network and hack whatever they want as far as it connected to the WiFi network. To avoid such instances, change the router password and try to keep it as strong as possible.
  • Securing Home Internet – Home internet network refers to WiFi network that you use at home. To create an added layer of security, you can use the completely new network dedicated to the doorbell camera or other video surveillance devices.  If possible add separate switches and entirely different WiFi SSID for these devices. Doing so makes it impossible to hack into your system virtually as well as physically. This is the best practice to follow.
  • Add Password to Doorbell Account – Doorbell camera manufacturer often add default username and password to the whole system, and you should change it as soon as you put these devices on your network.

3. Do doorbell cameras record all the time?

It all depends upon the manufacturer. As some doorbell camera provide CVR function which means it comes with ‘Continuous Video Recording‘ ability. Some of them record the video only when any activity is performed like a visitor ring the bell or camera detects the motion. Some doorbell camera overwrites the data.

4. How much a doorbell camera cost in India?

With increasing awareness about home safety and availability of smart home devices, the market share of smart doorbell camera is rising since last few years.

Though with the increasing demand for doorbell camera devices, the price should have come down. But it didn’t happen that way. The average doorbell camera device can cost somewhere between Rs. 3000 to 15,000, depending upon what features you want.

The doorbell camera with the basic function will cost you less while other that comes with advanced features like capturing the real-time video/images & storing it for feature references, night vision, motion detect and multi-user accessibility can cost more.

Considering the safety they provide to the home; it is a wise decision to purchase a feature-packed product that cost a fair amount of money and doesn’t go heavy on your pocket.

5. How motion detection work in doorbell camera?

Doorbell camera uses an infrared motion detection technique to identify moving objects. This technology works by seeing heat emerged from the various objects in front of the camera and wind waves triggered by those object.

Usually, these doorbell cameras detect the motion up to 30 feet from the lens but this distance very according to the manufacturer. Once the motion is detected, smart doorbell camera sends the push notification to all the users, and they can receive the call and interact with the visitor.


Once you install the smart doorbell camera, you will wonder how you lived without having one at your home.

These doorbell cameras serve the best purpose and safeguard your family, home and other property from harm. It just a way to get some mental peace knowing that you have added one more layer of security for your family. Our picks: Godrej Security Solutions Solus – video door phone, MOGOI Smart Doorbell Security Camera and August Doorbell Cam Pro

We hope our buying guide will help you to secure your family too. Before you choose any doorbell camera, do not forget to go through our recommendation and then decide which fits best for your home. If you have any question or know some better security device that you want us to write about then feel free to comment below.

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