Honeywell Air Touch A5 Purifier Review

In the world when the pollution level is rising at an unreachable rate, taking proper measures to fight the situation is a necessity. Reducing it is almost impossible and therefore to make sure about your family’s health, all you need is to install a reliable and great air purifier. Only the appliances can ensure maintaining air quality and offer breathable air.

Honeywell is a known brand of air purifier that has the ability to offer purified air with a number of features. Having some of the amazing features that make this air purifier great to install in bedrooms, this can be a valuable inclusion for your house. So let us have a look at the features of the Honeywell HAC25M1201W and its efficiency in offering fresh and pure air to you.


3D airflow

When it comes to offering fresh and pure water, there is an obvious need of having an air purifier that has the ability to remove the impurities from the air. To be able to perform effectively, this air purifier has been designed with air vents at the bottom and on its sides and hence ensures suction of polluted air. The great 3D airflow design ensures reaching even the tiniest of corners of your home.

Cleaning within 10 minutes

This air purifier makes sure that you breathe only clean and purified air. This has a CADR of 250 cu.m/hr. This means the purifier has the ability to clean the room of size to 30 Sq.m within just 10 minutes. Such a high CADR makes sure of the effective cleaning of the living rooms and bedrooms.

Effective filtration technology

Filter present inside decides the efficiency of an air purifier and hence this air purifier makes sure to perform the same with the presence of pre-filter and HEPA + Activated Carbon filter. The presence of pre-filter ensures enhancing the longevity of the Activated Carbon and HEPA filters. This makes sure to remove large sized pollutants as well. Therefore, ensures removing 99% of the pollutants.

Child Lock Features

This has been designed just to make sure that your kids do not change any settings that you have made to ensure delivering fresh air from the purifiers. All you need is to switch the child lock mode on and stay assured of no change in the settings.


Since the air purifiers runs with the help of electricity, there is always a need for taking some steps to consume less air. The brand has taken good care of this and made the air purifier an energy-efficient model by consuming less power which is equal to 1 to 3 CFL bulbs.

Great filer life

Keeping in  mind the need for people and having no time to spend from their busy life. The brand has integrated filters that run up to 3000 hours. Even when you run the filter for 8 hours in a day, it can effectively run for 9 months without showing any problem. Hence, you can stay assured of breathing fresh air without spending much.

Silent in operation

As the air purifiers are made to install in bedrooms, it has been designed to operate silently even when it is working in its full form.

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What Do We like

Great product

The product’s built quality along with the looks is truly remarkable. It can be set in any corner of the room. The features integrated in this purifier are meant to set this appliance in the bedroom.

Unmatched performance

You can feel the difference in the air quality as soon as you install this product. No matter wherever you install the appliance in the room, the fantastic design of the purifier ensures reaching every corners of the room and delivering pure air.

What We Don’t Like

Noise is high

Even when it might not be audible in most of the times, but in the night during when it is in the max fan speed, you might be able to find it disturbing. However, sleep mode is excellent


Honeywell Air Touch A5 is known for the number of features integrated in it. Keeping it highly reasonable, this air purifier tends to become in ideal inclusion in the house. So just buy the purifier today and ensure better health of your family members.

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