Philips AC4012/10 36-Watt Tulip Air Purifier Review

Pollution is a major problem in the world and inhaling the polluted air can lead to several health issues. Since infants are mostly a victim of it along with the adults, most of the people seek for installing a good air purifier in their homes. This is the reason why most of the air purifier brands have come up with some of the great products that are known for their great performance.

Philips is a known brand that has offered some of the amazing air purifiers to the people and Philips AC4012/10 is one of them. This purifier is known for its performance and looks. Since it is highly efficient and looks great, the owners mostly choose this purifier. Integrated with an excellent filtration system, this Philips air purifier tends to perform its job in the most amazing manner.


Intelligent Purification System

This Philips AC4012/10 ensures getting better sleep at night. The VitaShield Purification System has the ability to effectively filter particle size less than 0.02 micron. Besides, it can also filter the allergens, viruses, and bacteria in the air and offering the people with healthy and protected air. You can stay assured upon installing this air purifier that you will always breathe healthy air.

Smart Sensors

This air purifier has been built with a smart sensor. Having this sensor integrated becomes helpful for people as it can efficiently control the air quality of the indoor space. The sensors are highly active in letting users know about the quality of the air.

Great sleep mode

As people need the purifiers mostly at night so that they can sleep peacefully, the brand has integrated with the sleep mode. This ensures operating silently keeping the lights fully dimmed, therefore, allowing you to sleep peacefully. When you switch to the sleep mode, this purifier switches to the low activity level, low noise level, and fan speed and in this way the consumption is lowered to a great level. This is the reason why the purifier does not make any noise during sleep mode.

Easy adjustment of the fan speed

Not every time you need the same speed in the fan. This is why the purifier was been integrated with the 3 step speed of fan which will help you to adjust the airflow as per the situation demands.

Alert system

The purifier has been integrated with the healthy air protect alert. This provides you with a warning about the time to replace the filter. In case you skip replacing the filter on time, you will find the appliance will no more function. This is because the brand ensures healthy living to people. The air purifier has been integrated with the indicators that show the air quality like Blue for good, purple for fair and red for bad.

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What Do We like

Great quality filters

Philips has integrated the air purifiers with great quality filters. These filters have the quality to offer great in return. The filters are made in a way to suit the Indian air conditions. Hence, you can stay assured to breathe fresh and purified air.

Portable and easy to install

These air purifiers are designed in such a manner that you do not require calling any technician for installing it. Since it is pre-installed all you need is to unbox and setup. Moreover, it is built in a manner that it can be easily carried everywhere.

Silent in sleep mode

The best thing about this air purifier is that this product does not make any noise when turned into sleep mode. It is completely silent and hence helps to take a sound sleep.

What We Don’t Like

Frequent change of filters

The filters fitted need to be replaced very often and they cost quite a lot.


So now that you have got the ideal about the features integrated into the Philips AC4012/10, consider buying this air purifier today. The high performance of this product ensures breathing fresh and purified air.

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