Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier Review

In today’s world, when the pollution level has gone beyond a limit, there is a need for including something that would assure a healthy living. Breathing the pollutants present in the air will result in causing respiratory problems and hence nothing like including an efficient air purifier tends to be a great inclusion. These high-end appliances have the efficacy to absorb and filter the allergen and pollutants in the air.

Honeywell is one of those very few brands of air purifiers that have offered some high-end appliances. The Honeywell i8 is one of the finest models in their product range that has the ability to purify the air and offer fresh and breathable air. This machine has been integrated with some of the high-end features that help it to overcome the challenges. So let us have a look at the features of the Honeywell Air Touch i8 air purifier.

Real-time PM2.5 meter

The Honeywell Air Touch i8 air purifier has been integrated with the real-time meter that has the efficiency to measure the pollution level inside the room. No longer would you need to buy another meter.

Huge coverage area

Since the brand comprehends the need for an efficient air purifier that has the ability to cover a huge areas, this brand has an efficient CADR of 300 cu m/hr and a versatile coverage area of 36sq.m that has a height of 2.74m. Hence, this air purifier is a great addition to the living rooms and bedrooms.

Three-stage filtration

Keeping in mind the pollution rate of the metropolitan cities, this air purifier has been designed with great filtration capacity. Combined with the HiSIV and HEPA filter in the appliance ensure removing the toxic gases, allergens, pollens, VOCs, odor, and formaldehyde. Hence you can stay assured to enjoy living without facing any respiratory problems.

Long life of filters

As not every time we have the time to change the filters frequently. Since the brand comprehends this, the filters included in this air purifier have a longevity of 3000 hours. These composite filters consume less power making the purifier run without paying huge on the electricity bills. You can stay assured that these filters will run till 9 months even when you run them 8 hours daily.

3D airflow

The air purifier has been designed keeping in mind the need for reaching every corner of the room. This purifier has air vents on its sides, therefore, ensure enhances suction. The 3D airflow design ensures reaching even the slightest of corners.

Cleaning within 10 minutes

The machine has CADR of 300 cu.m /hr, which ensures cleaning a room of 36sq.m size within just 10 minutes. Hence you do not have to spend much time but the resultant is great within a few minute.

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What Do We like

Great real-time meter

The presence of real-time meter is great in checking the pollutants in air. Without the need for including any additional meter, this real-time meter present on the air purifier is great in checking the pollution present inside the room.

Silent operation in night mode

This air purifier is truly a great inclusion for your home. You can install these powerful appliances in your bedroom and stay assured that it will not make any difference at night. The reason is because it is completely silent in its operation.

Great performance

This air purifier will be a great inclusion in your house not only because of its look but also it does what it claims to do. It can easily absorb the pollutants and offer clean and breathable air.

What We Don’t Like

The features, the design and the performance of the air purifier are great. There is no negative aspects about this air purifier.


So these are some of the amazing features included in the air purifier. You can buy this purifier if you are willing to offer fresh and breathable air to your family. So consider buying this appliance today and ensure well being of your family members.

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