Philips AC1217/20 Air Purifier Review

Philips has been one of those very few companies that have offered people with some of the best range of electronics. Trusting this brand is much easier than trusting a new brand that has recently launched in the market. Whether it is about the looks or the functionality, the air purifier has the ability to offer healthy and breathable air.

The Philips AC1217/20 Air Purifier has been equipped with the best filtration system along with several other features making this an apt inclusion in your house. The efficiency in removing the ultrafine particles from the air provides the assurance of living a healthy life. Being packed with multiple features, the Philips AC1217/20 Air Purifier tends to become an ideal inclusion in the house.


Eliminates Ultrafine Particles

The prime job of an air purifier is to eliminate the ultrafine particles from the air. This ensures breathing clean air and ensures no health issues. Having the efficacy to remove 0.003-micron particles, this air purifier ensures making the room perfectly clean and pure.

Equipped with NanoProtect Filter

As the brand has knowledge regarding the pollution level, the air purifiers have been integrated with an effective filtration system. The NanoProtect filter integrated into this air purifier helps in offering fresh air by filtering even the minute particles by the effective filtration system.

Child Lock

Not all the air purifier brands integrate this feature. As there are always some chances that your child might change the settings, the child lock becomes a great help. This prevents your child from altering the settings that you have made in your air purifier.

Allergen mode

As some people have dust allergies and hence removing the particles from the air is a necessity. This is why Philips has included the allergen mode, which ensures removing airborne particles. So no more you need to suffer from allergies.

Air protect alert

This feature integrated into the air purifiers’ help you to get knowledge about the right time for replacing the filter. In case the filter is not replaced, this appliance stops operating. Hence to continue breathing healthier air, replacing the filters can be a great choice.

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What Do We like

Great product

There is no doubt that the air purifier offered by Philips is known for its sturdy finish, stylish looks. The unique features and the filters included in these filters ensure seamless filtration and offer breathable air.

Performs well

The features included in the air purifier are certainly great enough to offer top-notch performance. Great night mode where the purifier silently does its job along with the different modes can be switched as per your requirements.

What We Don’t Like

Lights are on in night mode

The only feature that is not appreciable is even when it is completely silent in night mode the lights remain on. This can become an obstruction while sleeping.


So these are the top features of the Philips AC1217/20 Air Purifier. Now that you know the features and the pros and cons, you can easily decide. Have a look at the assortment and place your order for Philips AC1217/20 Air Purifier today and breathe fresh air.

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