Crompton Air Doctor Air Purifier Review

Don’t you want to take proper care of your entire family? Undoubtedly yes. But have you thought of the air they are breathing? Pollutants present in the air are not visible through naked eyes and hence there is always a need for taking proper care of the air. Checking the outside air immediately is not possible, but definitely you can take proper measures at your home. Installing an efficient air purifier can be a great choice when it comes to cleaning the air inside your room.

Crompton is a known brand offering some of the best devices to people that are meant for the betterment. One of the best devices that they offer is the Crompton Air Doctor 95-Watt Air Purifier which has been equipped with some of the best features. Integrating this device in your house will certainly become a great choice. So let us have a look at the many features of this purifier.

Cleaner air with Ultra HEPA

The presence of the ultra HEPA filters makes the purifier 100 times effective than any other ordinary HEPA filter. This makes it easy to capture almost 99.9% of the dangerous and small particles.

Dual Action Filter

This air purifier combines the Ultra HEPA filters that have been combined with the dial action gas trap/carbon/voc filters. This enables removing the dangerous gases present in the air along with volatile organic compounds and also the ozone compounds.

Change filter alert

When the filters are filled with dirt and dust, it results in deteriorating of performance. Hence there is a need for changing the filters when required. This is the reason why since it is not possible to open the device and check the filters, it comes with the change filter alert. This is capable of showing time when the filters needed to be changed.

450 sq. ft of coverage area

When it comes to buying an air purifier, the first thing that we check is its coverage area. Since we cannot afford to keep two purifiers in a single room, the more coverage area of the purifier the better will be its performance. 450 sq. ft of coverage area is a great choice for people.

Auto mode

The best part about this air purifier is the auto mode. Since it detects the air quality, it automatically changes the fan speed. Auto mode is certainly a great inclusion for people when you need to ensure well-being of your family.

Silent in performance

If you have kids, you certainly require a device which does not make you feel its presence. This is the reason why this air purifier has been designed in such a way that wit does not make any noise while performing.

Quality monitoring system

The air doctor is integrated with a professional monitoring system which has the ability to display the air quality in three different stage of good, marginal and bad. The auto mode is the one to decide as per the air quality.

4 speed settings

The air purifier has been designed with the 4 fan speed settings which are a definitely a great choice. Hence, you will not be feeling too cold or hot as you have the freedom to change the settings.

3-filter usage

This air purifier has been integrated with three filters namely pre-filter, UltraHEPA filter and Dual action filter.

The pre-filter is highly efficient in trapping the large size particles like per fur and dust.

The Dual Action filter is capable of trapping the harmful gases present in the air. This includes VOCs, Ozone and other gases.

The UltraHEPA filters present in the device is capable of removing the smallest of particles and ensure 99.9% of pollutants removal.

Long life of the filters

There is always a need for having filters integrated which runs for long. The filters present inside the device are capable of offering pure air for 6 to 1 tear. Hence m you can stay assured of no need for changing for atleast a year.

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What Do We like

Highly effective

This air purifier has been designed with quality filters which aims to remove the particles present in the air. Any type of dust particles of different sizes or odor or microbes, this filter is highly efficient in absorbing the pollutants present in the air. Once the purifier is on, you can feel the difference in the air quality on your own.

Works effectively

The presence of the filters in this purifier makes it efficient in its working. You will be able to feel the difference once installed.

Auto setting mode is great

It has been integrated with an auto mode, which is simply great. The levels go up and down on its own depending on the air quality of the room.

Great for asthma patients

If you are an asthma patient, this is definitely a great choice for you. You will find the difference in the quality and no more have to inhale the pollutants. This results in reliving your breathing troubles to a great extent.

What We Don’t Like

Makes noise at full speed

The only drawback of this device is that it makes a bit noise in its full speed. This might become a disturbance for people.


Crompton Air Doctor 95-Watt Air Purifier is a great choice for the people who are living in an urban city with huge pollution level. The features integrated in this device make it capable of taking care of your problem. So just install this product and ensure breathable and safer air.

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