1 Ton Air Conditioner

During the summer season, many would be looking for preparation to beat the heat. The invention of an air-conditioner has saved us from being drained out of energy in hot summer.

To begin with, this article would give you a glimpse of various ideas and a brief review about 1-ton air conditioner. You can find the most trusted reviews and links for the best 10 AC that you can buy.

Technically AC is widely divided based on the application. The major AC that is widely preferred are split, central and window AC based on the location.

Based on the area of the place, the AC is categorized in 1 ton,1.5 ton, 2 ton etc tonnage where it refers to the amount of heat to be removed from that particular place considering the ventilation of that area.

Normally for a room of area covering 130 sq.ft a one-ton air conditioner is used.

The most commonly used is one-ton AC. A one-ton air conditioner would refer to the amount of heat required to melt a ton of ice in a day.

Different brands and types of 1-ton AC are mentioned in the below list and you can find one of your choices.

Types of AC

  • Central AC

In a spacious area, a central air-conditioning system shall be preferred claiming for its efficiency.

A central AC would require a detailed planning and requirements for the placement since it is larger in size and the circulatory of cool air blow should be evenly distributed to the whole area.

If the plan fails for the wrong size, the costs would unfold for usage and reach the peak and hence prior intent should be placed.


It is ductless split system air conditioner used extensively for single room cooling or home.

It has outdoor fittings where it condenses and an indoor unit for handling the temperature inside the room.

Split AC will be effective when you need different temperature settings for a different room.

A window air conditioner is used in a compact room where it forces cool air inside, sucking the hot or warm air inside the room.

It can be used for unitary rooms where space is less as window size comes in handy.


  • Portable AC

Portable AC makes it travel-friendly for porting to every other room for a compact space and cost less than other types.

It sucks hot air from the surrounding providing cool breeze into the room.

The exhaust hot air is released via window fans and since with less air as output, it is sufficient for one room only.

  • Hybrid AC

The trend now for hybrid energy production using solar, wind etc., has paved way for Hybrid AC for the choice between fossil fuel and electricity for running the AC.

  • Geothermal Method

The alternative approach for energy saving, alternate usage of heat during winter and cold during summer is brought by this method since the temperature of the earth remains same forever.

During winter the heat is produced by it and in summer the hot air is pumped down to earth releasing humidity in the air.

AC Buyer’s Guide

In order to pick the right choice, few factors can be analyzed before the purchase of the desired product. A checklist is made ready considering all factors before choosing the right product.

  • Application

The foremost reason for the purchase should be fulfilled at first by checking the application whether it is a single room or office or commercial use etc. Deciding on the application, the budget and the preferable checklist matching the needs can be shortlisted.

  • Power Consumption

On an average 1 ton domestic AC consumes around 1200 W of power. The power consumption rating is represented by number of stars. (i.e) Higher the star rating represents the equipment is highly power efficient and goes easy on your electric bills.

  • Brand

Brand here plays a major role in the air-conditioning as it is a one-time investment for the appliance. It is more common electronic good and shall be used extensively according to climate. The energy efficiency, popularity, reviews, budget-friendly product should be purchased.

  • Type

As reviewed earlier, there are different types for different purposes. The checklist can be marked based on the usage and air-conditioning placement space.

  • Capacity

The AC capacity is based on the area for which the cooling should be spread. Usually, tons is used for expressing the cooling capacity for which it absorbs heat and circulates cool air. For eg, for 600 square foot, 1 ton AC is used. The 5-star rating gives the maximum energy saving. The 1-ton AC with features, pros, and cons is reviewed in detail below.

  • Features

Most important part of buying an AC is the features designed for comfort in each AC. Additional features such as auto clean which reduces the effort of maintenance cost and sleep mode which detects the room temperature and adjusts accordingly. Dehumidifier mode which reduces the excess humidity in the air and provides suitable temperature. Other features include layers of filtration for killing harmful microbes in air and dust filter.

  • Inverter and Non-inverter AC

In non-inverter ac, the amount of cooling provided and the speed of the compressor remains same whereas in inverter ac the cooling is provided based on the present room temperature and it has speed controller for the compressor which provides cooling or heating based on the environmental temperature and not fixed.

Top 10 1-ton air conditioner

Whirlpool 1-ton MAGICOOL DLX 5S Rating  Split AC


Whirlpool 1 ton AC

Whirlpool has been a leading manufacturer in the home appliance with long-lasting and effective products. A power saving with a budget-friendly product offering high-end technology implemented air conditioner.

With the 6th sense cooling technology, rapid cooling is now achieved faster with less electricity consumption. The package comprises of outdoor units, drain pipe and user manual for installation. Whirlpool is known for its 6th sense technology of fast cooling at any external temperature.


  • 1-ton AC white in color made up of plastic
  • 5-star energy saving
  • Auto restart after power failure
  • Aluminium coil which can be used as an alternative
  • 6th sense fast cooling technology
  • Advanced MPFI Technology which boosts rapid heat exchange
  • It has an inbuilt temperature sensor to detect the surrounding temperature
  • Turbo cooling mode for rapid cooling during hot sunny days
  • Optimized temperature detection for peak hour cooling


  • A trusted brand with good customer service
  • 5S rating for energy saving technology
  • Economical price and easy operation of the AC
  • A dust filter is provided for clean air


  • Maintenance cost for aluminium coil is more
  • Stabilizer installation is recommended which has a separate cost
  • Installation cost may apply since it needs a technician for fitting the AC


Godrej GSC 12 GIA 5 Awog 1 Ton 5 Star  Split AC 

Godrej 1 ton ACGodrej is India’s prominent dealer in the electronic market. GSC 12 GIA 5 model gives us the power saving with a green and sustainable environment by inverter AC. 5S rating and a green refrigerant provide the dust-free environment.

A wall mounted split type AC with 3400W of cooling rating at 890 power consumption. It is white in color with a 5-star rating in 2017.


  • Auto and ECO mode for fast cooling of the room
  • Instant air throw mode detecting the room temperature and turbo mode for instant cooling
  • Dry mode to eliminate excess humidity in the air
  • Auto clean mode for draining the excess water in the evaporator after the AC is switched off
  • Sleep mode for adjusting the temperature according to the humidity for an uninterrupted sleep and  auto adjusting facility


  • Efficient with green refrigerant and Eco-friendly environment
  • No installation charge
  • Good customer service with immediate response
  • 10 years compressor warranty, 5 years condenser warranty and 1 year for product
  • Inverter type AC for noiseless operation


  • Needs a stabilizer in case of power fluctuation
  • Aluminium coil for condenser costs more for maintenance


LG 1.0 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC JS-Q12CPXD

LG JS series has 1 and 1.5-ton categories of split AC. The JS-Q12CPXD model has a copper compressor. With 10 year warranty for inverter compressor, LG smart inverter enables fast conditioning and energy saving. It uses Himalaya cool technology for speed cooling within seconds after switching ON.

Micro-dust protection has a filter for anti-bacteria layer for deep filtration. Auto cleaning for improved cleaning of the compressor. It has also a timer for pre-setting the ON-OFF time during night time and has monsoon comfort for the right amount of humidity control to save energy. It is white in color.


  • Stabilizer free operation
  • Energy saver by controlling the speed of the fan for optimum temperature
  • Himalayan cool technology for its unique operation
  • Auto swing operation with a dual protection filter
  • 3M Micro protection filter is given for better insulation from dust and microorganisms.


  • As copper is used for condenser material, the maintenance cost is reduced and operation is smooth
  • 10-year warranty for compressor and 1 year for product
  • Remote Control with very less noise operation


  • Installation charges may apply
  • It costs higher than other brands as it has many options for cooling


Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star (2018) Split AC 125 EYR/123ZZY-IMR

Voltas company has been a promising product developer for air conditioning systems and 125 EYR model has a 3S rating in 2018 according to BEE.

Copper condenser and has a special feature for self -diagnosis. 1100 Watts of power consumption and auto swing in operation. The rich wine red color is the truly top notch on the wall for its stunning design and performance. The rich wine red color is bright and goes well with any wall and enriches the total look of the AC.


  • Anti-dust filter is present which is red in color
  • Noise-less operation with (29dB) minimum decibels
  • Maximum operating temperature is 50 degree
  • Cooling capacity is 3550 W
  • R-22 is the refrigerant gas used
  • It can be controlled with smartphones
  • It has a dual temperature display


  • Turbo Cooling for instant cooling of the room
  •  Silver ion, Vitamin C, Anti-dust and Acaro Bacterium are 5 filters present in the AC
  • Sleep mode for automatic adjustment of humidity during sleep time
  • Anti-fungal glowing buttons attached remote control for better operation at night
  • Self-diagnosis for detecting malfunctioning
  •  1-year product warranty and 5-year compressor warranty


  • Extra installation charges
  • The Compressor is quite noisy


Daikin 1 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC


Daikin AC is an inverter type AC with 2018 model has a 3S rating.  It is inverter AC with the copper compressor. 1-ton capacity fitting for one room of size of 120 sq.ft. It has 3D airflow technology with Econo mode for power saving and sleeper time off. It provides noiseless operation and power chill operation.


  • This split AC has 33 dB noise level
  • It is made up of plastic material in white color
  • 1-year warranty on the product and 5 years warranty on the compressor
  • It is economical in price
  • Turbo cooling is instant


  • The stabilizer is not required
  • The refrigerant used is R410A
  • Budget friendly with many advanced features


  • Separate installation charge
  • No bacteria filter
  • A stand is to be bought at a separate cost


Mitashi 1 Ton Inverter Split AC (Copper, SACINv12K500, White)

Mitashi is an upcoming product brand who have stepped into consumer electronics market. Inverter split AC with a copper compressor with 1- ton capacity. It is available in white color. It has a bluefin coil with three modes of operation.


  • Its noise level is 42 dB
  • 1450 Watts of production
  • Turbo cooling mode, dehumidification mode, sleep mode are three different modes of operation
  • 100% copper compressor and R410A as a refrigerant


  • 1-year warranty on the product
  • Economical with free installation from customer service
  • Multi-fold evaporator coil for increased cooling efficiency
  • Auto swing with dehumidification for clean and fresh air


  • Increased noise from the compressor
  • No filters are present
  • No widespread customer service centers


Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC 3W12LA (Milky White)

Blue Star with the conventional type of window AC in a milky white color offers 3S AC. The benefit of a window AC remains unique and the top producer Blue Star never fails to meet the requirements of an economical budget.


  • Window AC with 1 ton and 3 Star rating
  • Copper condenser for easy maintenance and energy efficiency
  • Digital display of the temperature
  • Has dust filter and dehumidification


  • It is controlled by a remote operation
  •  As it is placed in the window space, easy for cleaning and maintenance and better circulation
  • Remote control with digital display
  • Cheapest among all other brands of window AC with all features


  • High noise level with 53 dB
  • Heavy in size


Blue Star 1 Ton Portable AC BS-HPAC12DA

Blue Star offers 1-ton portable AC white in color. A portable AC is mostly used when the shifting serves a purpose in a large area. Pioneer in air conditioning products, Blue Star has given the compact and inexpensive product.


  • Effective cooling even at 52 degree Celsius temperature
  • Copper compressor for easy maintenance and energy saving
  • R410A as a refrigerant for Eco-friendly gas
  • Sleep mode, a dry mode for easy usage and tank filler alarm to indicate the draining time
  • Self-diagnosis and auto mode for self-operation
  • Dust and bacteria-free filters
  • Fire resistant PCB design and anti-corrosive bluefins for increased life


  • High-efficiency rotary compressor for maximum cooling and minimum power consumption
  • Compressor jacket for noise reduction
  • Caster wheel to move easily
  • Anti-freeze and heat mode for protecting the compressor from extreme operations
  • Requires no installation charge


  • Cost is equivalent to split AC with the same compressor


Lloyd 1 Ton 1 Star  Split AC  LS13A3FF-O 

Lloyd 1 star rating (2018) is a split AC for efficient operation. It is available in white color with 1 ton. The non-inverter split AC technology senses room temperature and adjusts the compressor cooling rate.


  • The central dynamic LED for display on the machine for easy identification and hidden in OFF condition
  • Anti-dust and self-clean ensures pure and fresh air as output
  • R 410A as a refrigerant for eco-friendly operation
  • Copper compressor for saving power
  • Self-diagnostics display problems with the dynamic LED


  • Rotary compression with less noise
  • Dust filter and dehumidifier filter for fresh air
  • Can be operated with smart technology with wifi
  •  Warranty for 1 year on the product, 5 years on compressor


  • Noise compression is quite less
  • No bacteria filter


Carrier Superia 1 Ton 3 Star (2018) Split AC 

The distinctive cylindrical design for 1 ton split AC with 3S rating (2018) according to BEE is Carrier AC which is white in color. It is a non-inverter type AC. It has gained more ratings based on advanced features on the product and is on the top list.


  • Super turbo mode for peak hour cooling
  • Triple filter for dust, bacteria and other micro-organisms
  • Auto swing and louver movement for uniform circulation of air
  • Remote operation for temperature control and other options


  • Carbon filter for absorbing bad odor and pollutants
  • LED display on the front for temperature display
  • Less power consumption for the copper compressor
  • Sleep mode for comfortable setting during night time
  • Auto cleanser for anti-rusting and auto cleaning with the air blowing technology’
  • Adjustable cooling temperature with fan speed for power saving and less electricity bill


  • Costs more as the copper compressor is used



In order to buy a window mounted AC one can opt for Blue Star 3W12LA and for multi-room cooling with portable air conditioner Blue Star BS-HPAC12DA since it is pocket-friendly and effective.

The market has plenty of options for 1-ton air conditioner but considering the investment for long-term copper condenser can be preferred as the life lasts longer when compared to aluminium. Carrier Superia is a smart AC with the latest technology and economical and LG Split AC JS-Q12CPXD can opt for maximum warranty period and branded operation of the product. Though each product has it’s own merits and demerits, the products here are shortlisted with the popularity, brand, quality, and cost.


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