Kent Prime TC RO Water Purifier Review

Pollution has caused a lot of harm to us in our current environment. Even our water sources have failed to save us from the loss incurred. Herein, the water purifiers have given us a reason to be relieved. One such trusted and reputed brand of water purifier is Kent. This model, Kent Prime TC RO Water Purifier, provides us with a chance not just to stay healthy but also feel good about our purchase.


Multi-stage purification system

This kent water purifier uses the multi-stage purification system. It goes through various stages through RO, UV, and UF to purify the water by removing the impurities like bacteria, viruses, etc. making it safe to drink.  

Mineral RO ™ Technology

Mineral ROTM technology helps in preserving vital minerals with the help of the TDS controller. It provides tasty and safe drinking water.

Most Certified and Awarded

This model has received various awards from different associations like –

  1. CE on January 31, 2018.
  2. NSF International on November 6, 2017.
  3. Water Quality Association on September 16, 2016.

Customer service availability

The customer service of kent is prompt and widespread. They care for the customers and therefore have 1500 service centers all over India and have trained and professional staff.

Water purified from all sources

This RO water purifier from kent can purify water from all the sources, be it from the tap, from the municipal corporation, etc. It reduces the risk of wasting water and cleans the contaminants, making them consumable.

Save Water Technology

It has a progressive technology that can save water. Traditional water purifiers, purify only 20% of the water and deports the rest. In the new system, almost 50% of the water gets filtered. The rest of the water gets stored in different tanks.

Storage capacity

The purification capacity of this purifier 20 liters per hour. It has a storage capacity of 9 liters, which means you will never be sort on the water during electricity cut or any other emergency.

Computer Controlled

It is a computer-controlled operating system. It has alarms that show timings when the filter needs change or when the UV lamp fails.

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What Do We like

  • Satisfactory service approach. It has over 1500 Kent service centers.
  • It has a considerable water storage capacity of 9 liters.
  • It has a water level indication.
  • It purifies water from all sources and reduces water wastage.
  • WQA Gold Seal Certified
  • The design is very appealing and adds aesthetics to the kitchen
  • It has an inbuilt TDS controller.
  • Computer-controlled operation with alarm system.

What We Don’t Like

  • Requires the purchase of a pre sedition filter.
  • Specifically to be Wall-mounted.


Although there are certain cons in this model, there are various perks as well, which we’ve discussed already. This product is the most certified and awarded among other water purifiers. It comes with an inbuilt alarm system that informs when the UV has failed or when the filter needs to be changed. This model is convenient and efficient and only requires a customer that is willing to spend a fair amount on it to take it home.

This criterion requires very less efficiency from the consumer’s part, and it is less time-consuming. It’s children friendly, and they can use it without any risk. 

The Kent Prime TC RO Water purifier is recommended for those who need a good water purifier to quench their thirst and keep them healthy.

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