KENT New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO+Double UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier Review

Most of the diseases like flu and cholera are water-borne diseases and are spread due to contamination in water. One needs to be careful about purifying water before drinking, and for that, choosing the right purifier is crucial.

Kent ensures safe drinking water by eliminating dissolved impurities, bacteria, and algae growth in water, retaining essential minerals in the water, and has high safety standards.


Smart LED indicators

The smart indicators of the purifier indicate purification, a tank full, and power-on status to provide convenience. Also, the bright indicators makes them visible from a distance or at night.

TDS Removal

TDS up to 500-2500 ppm can be removed with the help of the RO membrane. The taste of the water can be adjusted as per the water source. The purifier is capable of purifying water from various sources.

Multi-Stage Purification

With multi-stage purification of RO+UV+MTDS, KENT Grand removes dissolved impurities, harmful viruses, and bacteria, microorganisms from water. It also adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Patented Mineral RO Technology

To retain essential minerals like calcium and magnesium in water mineral RO technology plays a significant role along with TDS Controller to provide safe drinking water.

High Storage Capacity

KENT Grand purifier comes with a huge capacity storage tank of 8 liters. Also, the purifier has a high purification capacity of 20L/hr, which provides a continuous supply of purified water at all times.

Save Water Technology

The ‘Save Water Technology’ feature not only helps in reducing water wastage but also reduces unnecessary energy consumption by automatically switching off the power supply when purification is complete.

Water Level Indicator

The purifier comes with a water level indicator to keep track of the purified water level in the storage tank so that one can switch on the machine whenever the level goes down.

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What Do We like

Safe and treated water

The advanced TDS regulator (MTDS) adjusts the taste of the water per the source of water. It also treats water with MTDS level up to 2500 ppm, ensuring safe and pure drinking water.

Energy-saving mode

Once the tank is full and it is displayed on the indicator, the energy-saving mode the necessary power consumption.

After-sale services

With more than 1500 service centers all over India, Kent provides Pan India services to its consumers for the convenience where they can avail services from trained technicians.


The KENT Grand purifier is very versatile and purifies water from all sources, be it brackish, tap, or from the municipal corporation.

What We Don’t Like

Water wastage

The machine throws out 650 ml of water per L to fill the 8 L tank, so a lot of water gets wasted in this process


Kent is very versatile and is best suited for purification of brackish/tap water/municipal corporation water supply as it uses the RO+UV+MTDS control system. It provides pure and clean drinking water.

The purifier is ultra-compact, has smart LED indicators, water level indicator, and its energy-saving mode makes it an ideal choice for the households. Also, its multi-stage purification and massive storage capacity makes it a perfect purifier for all households.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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