Kent 16025 Sandwich Grill Review

Kent is an Indian company, and it manufactures many products, including kitchen appliances and water softeners, besides others. This brand is known for its exceptional quality.

Kent 16025 Sandwich Grill is one of the products made by this company. This appliance is available in black color. Its plates are coated with the non-stick substance. With its ergonomically designed handle, you will be able to operate the device comfortably.


This sandwich maker requires a voltage of 220 volts to 240 volts.

Non-stick coated plates

With non-stick coated plates, you will be able to prepare your sandwich conveniently without it sticking to the plate’s surface. This makes it easier and simple to clean the plates. Also, you will require to use less cooking oil, which makes your sandwich healthy. The substance used for making the non-stick coating is free from toxic compounds.

Ergonomic handle

Kent 16025 sandwich grill comes with an ergonomic handle, which makes it convenient for use. The handle is made using a heat resistant material and then covered with stainless steel making the handle resistant to rust.

Auto heat cut-off

This appliance also has an auto heat cut-off feature, which will switch off the device when your sandwich is ready. You will be indicated of all this via a red indicator.

Adjustable height

The height of this sandwich maker is adjustable so that it can comfortably accommodate a thick sandwich.

Double cooking surface

The sandwich maker comes with a dual cooking surface, which will ensure that both sides of your sandwiches or snacks are perfectly cooked.

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What Do We like

Power rating

This appliance has a power rating of 700 watts. This ensures fast cooking of your sandwiches. It saves on your energy bills too.


This sandwich maker comes with a warranty of 12 months, which starts from the date of purchase.

Multi-functional appliance

This product can be used for toasting, grilling, and making sandwiches very fast.

Anti-skid feet

With non-skid feet, you will be able to operate the appliance conveniently without it sliding on the surface.

Compact design

With its small size, you will be able to store the appliance anywhere in your kitchen.


This appliance weighs about 1.6 kilograms, which makes it possible to be carried for outdoor activity.


The side lock will help in holding the plates together and retaining the heat, which will cook your sandwich evenly.

What We Don’t Like

The hinges are fragile.


Kent 16025 Sandwich Grill has a compact design that will allow you to store it in small spaces. The light indicator will let you know when your sandwich is ready. The plates open wide, which will allow you to access the sandwich easily. Non-toxic ceramic coating will allow you to have healthy sandwiches.

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