KENT Aura Room Air Purifier Review

When it comes to purifying the pollutants in the air, it seems impossible. The world is fighting with this new problem which is taking an adverse turn with passing days. Even when measures are being taken, it will still take a lot of time to breath pure air. However, even when we are unable to fight with the situation of the outside air, we can definitely take care of our family members. An air purifier can become the ideal inclusion for the families when it has the capability to absorb the pollutants from the air and offer pure air.

KENT is one of the known brands offering devices that are meant for better health of people and the KENT Aura Room Air Purifier 45-Watt with HEPA Technology is one f their best models in their product line. This device has been integrated with some of the exclusive features that make it ideal for the recent scenario. So let us have a look at the many features of this device.

HEPA Technology

This Air purifier makes use of the proven and tested HEPA technology which is capable of removing hazardous pollutants. This filter is capable of removing 99% of the particulates present in the air. Making use of the three-stage mechanism, this technology is capable of trapping the larger sized pollutants like the dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and tobacco smoke.

Particulate matter removal

This HEPA filter has the efficacy in removing the PM 2.5 and also the SPM matters present in the air. These are generally found in the indoor air and can be easily treated by the activated carbon filter. This can effectively remove the foul smell present in the air.

Inbuilt Ionizer

The presence of the inbuilt ionizer in this air purifier helps to release negative ions which aid in refreshing the air present in the room. This happens by forcing pollutants to be able to stick to other surfaces or walls in your room. You can easily trap them on the electrically-charged plate which is placed near ionizing unique, thereby helping the room to disburse fresh air.

Air quality monitoring

This air purifier has been built with quality sensors there making it more efficient. It has the LED sensor which is able to show you the air quality inside the room. The indicators present are blue, which means excellent, pink, which means good and red, which means poor. This will let you know about the quality of the air inside the room.

User-friendly design

The best part of this device is that even when these are a high-end purifier, this has been designed in a way that everyone can operate it. These are elegantly designed and are best for offices and homes. Being a pedestal installation mode, this device is very convenient in its usage and installation.

8-hour timer

This device is perfectly meant for installing in your room because if the timer. You can set the timer when require which will help to save energy consumption and keep it working for exact hours not extending its operation for long.

Fan speed levels

This device has been integrated with a fan that can be controlled as per the need. With the speed level integrated inside this device, it gives you the freedom to control it.

290 sq. Ft coverage area

This device has been installed with the power to offer fresh air across the room. It has the ability to freshen the air of 290 sq. Km. This can be a great choice for installing in your bedroom or living room

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What Do We like

Great design

The amazing design of this air purifier makes it a great choice for installing in your bedroom. If you are thinking about the interior, then the great looks of this device ensure suiting any interior.

Improves the air quality

As the prime agenda of this air purifier is to improve the air quality, it does what it says. You can feel the difference in the air quality as soon as you install this device in your bedroom.

What We Don’t Like

Makes humming noise

If you like pin-drop silence then the humming noise can annoy you easily.


The KENT Aura Room Air Purifier 45-Watt with HEPA Technology is a known device for people because of the range of effective features. Now that you have the advantages of installing this device choose to buy one. You can ensure the air quality inside your room as soon as you install this device. –

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