Kent 16024 Sandwich Toaster Review

Kent is an award-winning company for making premium quality products. Kent manufactures a variety of products, including cooking appliances, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, water purifiers, and more others. This brand is trusted by more people in India and worldwide.

Kent 16024 sandwich toaster is a kitchen appliance manufactured by this brand. The appliance is available in black color. It has non-toxic plates. It also comes with light indicators to show you the status of the appliance.


This appliance operates with a power of 700 watts, which will allow the plates to heat faster for quick cooking. The power used is low; hence your electric bill will be little.

Non-stick plating

This appliance comes with non-stick plating. The substance used to make this coating is free from any toxic compound; hence you will have healthy cooking. With non-stick plates, it will be easy for you to clean the substance.

Light indicators

This appliance comes with two light indicators (green and red). A red light indicator shows that the appliance power is ON, while the green light indicator shows that the appliance is ready to be used.

Automatic heat cut-off

This sandwich maker has an automatic heat cut-off feature, which will switch off the appliance once the sandwich is ready. This will greatly help in preventing burning.

Dual cooking-surface

This appliance also has dual cooking-surface, which will ensure that every side of your grilled sandwiches is cooked to perfection.

Ergonomic handle

Kent 16024 sandwich toaster has an ergonomic handle, which makes it convenient for one when using the appliance. The handle is made with a heat resistance material; hence your fingers will be safe. The handle also has a lock that will help you lock the appliance. When locked, your sandwich will be free from any kind of contamination.

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What Do We like


Kent 16024 sandwich toaster comes with a manufacturer warranty of 12 months, which starts from the date of purchase.

Compact design

With a compact size, you will be free to store the appliance at any place in your kitchen.


This appliance weighs approximately 1.6 kilograms. You will be able to take it on a picnic or camping easily.


This sandwich toaster is capable of making four sandwiches at the same time hence convenient. It also fits large-sized bread comfortably.

Non-skid feet

This appliance has non-slip feet which will hold it within the countertop. This will prevent it from sliding, which causes breakages.

Easy to use

Kent 16024 sandwich toaster is simple to use. A user guide is also provided.

What We Don’t Like

  • Hinge quality is low; hence they break easily.
  • The power cord is very short for flexibility.


Kent 16024 sandwich toaster has excellent features. The light indicator allows you to carry out other duties as you wait for the indicator to show when the sandwich is ready. The auto temperature cut-off feature will greatly reduce the chances of burning your sandwich. This sandwich is affordable, and it comes with a 12-month warranty.

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