Kent Air Fryer (16033) Review

Kent produces a revolutionary kitchen appliance with a high-speed operation that helps to prepare fresh food within minutes. The appliance is portable, smart, and good looking with a pre-set timer that lets you cook whenever you want to. Kent air fryer ensures perfect food texture with yummy taste. The air fryer can fry, bake, grill, and healthily roast all your favorite snacks.

Uniform heating

This fryer uses rapid hot air technology, which ensures proper air circulation to maintain the appropriate temperature. It heats foods from all sides so that you enjoy crunchy snacks at all times.


It is a multi-purpose appliance that helps make grilled, roasted, and fried food conveniently. To get the desired result, what you need is to select the desired function to prepare your favorite snacks — the high temperature and uniform heating, which helps you make your food correctly.

Smart LED Panel

This advanced cooking appliance comes with a smart LED touch panel for comfortable use. The display is digital, and its operation is smooth. You can select any function you want at your convenience. It also displays the process of the air fryer whenever it is used.


This air fryer has a functional cooking basket capacity; the capacity is 1.4 kg, which makes it easy to prepare more food at a shorter period. It comes with a timer of up to 30 minutes and a temperature range between 80 and 200 degrees Celsius.

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What Do We like


The design of this air fryer is fresh, it has a sleek body and a beautiful body color. It comes with eight pre-set menu options, which makes your cooking fast and convenient. The power of this air fryer is 1350 watts, and the voltage is between 220 – 240 volts. The bottom is flat for adequate positioning. The handle is easy to operate; you can pull out the handle at your convenience. The handle also provides sufficient grip whenever the basket is used for transferring the food to another plate.

What We Don’t Like

The food basket is not nonstick. Food usually gets stuck on it after its preparation, and sometimes it becomes difficult to clean and manage.


This air fryer uses less oil in the preparation of food items. You can save both money and time whenever it is in use. The best part of this fryer is that it heats the food from all sides, and you can prepare famous dishes like samosas, tikkis, cakes, and more conveniently. This food comes out healthy and delicious for consumption.

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