Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre 60-Watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier Review

The Kent Ace Mineral comes with an advanced purification system, which includes sediment, carbon block, UF, and post-carbon filters. The purification process is enhanced with the double RO+UV/UF purification technology that removes dissolved solids, salts, germs, bacteria, and other impurities from the water.

It also includes a TDS controller that enhances the taste of the purified water by retaining its essential minerals. Hence, the water purifier ensures healthy and tasty drinking water. Moreover, the enhanced filtration unit makes it suitable for purifying water of different types, including brackish, borewell, and tap water.

Let us now take a look at the detailed review of the Kent Ace water purifier.


RO+UV/UF Purification Technology

The Kent Ace mineral is powered by a double purification technology of RO+UV/UF. It purifies water by removing dissolved solids, chemicals, heavy metals, salts, bacteria, and viruses. Hence, it ensures 100% pure and safe drinking water at the rate of 15 liters per hour, which is sufficient for a large family.

Large Storage Capacity

It comes with an ABS food-grade plastic storage tank that stores up to 7-liters of purified water. The storage tank protects the stored water while the push-fit design prevents leakages. It ensures the availability of safe drinking water at all times.

Mineral RO Technology

The purification system is powered by mineral RO technology. The TDS controller retains the essential minerals of the water and maintains its pH level. Hence, the water purifier ensures safe, healthy, and tasty drinking water for you and your family.

WQA and NSF Certified

The Kent Ace is tested for its performance, quality, and safety standards. It ensures purified water at all times. Moreover, it has been certified by the world’s most renown laboratories, including WQA and NSF.

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What Do We like

Computer Controlled Operations

It comes with computer-controlled operations such as UV failure alarm and filter change indicators. The UV fail alarm alerts you when the UV lamp becomes inefficient while the filter change indicator notifies you in case of filter replacements. Hence, the water purifier ensures convenience and never compromises the safety of your family.

Suitable for All Water Types

The Kent Ace comes with an advanced purification system that is capable of purifying water from different sources. It can purify all types of water, including brackish, tap, and bore-well.

Extended Free Service

Kent offers the best warranty and after-sales service. It comes with a 1-year warranty and an extended free service plan of 3 years, which is worth 3000.

What We Don’t Like

Water Wastage

It wastes a lot of water during purification. It eliminates 650 ml of water for the filtration of 1-liter water. Moreover, the purifier does not come with a rejected water tank.


The Kent Ace water purifier is certified by WQA and NSF for its quality and superior performance. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and an extended service plan of 3 years. Hence, it is a reliable and trustworthy RO water purifier to go for.

The water purifier also comes with large storage and purification capacity making it an ideal choice for a large family.

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