A.O.Smith Z8 10 L RO SCMT Water Purifier Review

Day by day, with the increasing water-borne diseases, it has become compulsory for one to take purified water in order to stay fit. And no matter how much one boils the water and then drinks it, there is still no assurance that the water is 100 % pure thereby wasting both the energy and the effort. The new “A.O.Smith Z8 10 Litre RO  SCMT Water Purifier ” has tried to eliminate such problems and inturn ensure perfect safe drinking water, fit enough to prevent your immune system from getting any weaker.

Apart from its classic outlook, the device has a splendid 10 Litre storage capacity which will assure you with the continuous availability of purified water because of it’s refilling property.


Purification Methods

RO – Reverse Osmosis uses a semipermeable membrane, can remove many types of molecules and ions from solutions. SCMT – Silver Charged Membrane Technology; additional stage of purification to prevent any potential secondary microbial contamination post-RO purification. Double protection ensures purified and healthy water.

Storage Capacity

It has a splendid storage capacity of 10 Litres that can quench the thirst of the entire family at once.


It uses electricity to purify water and thus it is of the electric and storage type.

What Do We like

High Filteration Rate

As soon a the purifier has a considerable volume level of change in the storage tank, it automatically starts the purification process, threby ensuring the availability of pure drinking wter time and again.

Safety Standards

The purifier has been made to appear for various security checks and is now proclaimed to produce safe and clean drinking water.

What We Don’t Like

The presence of reverse osmosis creates a huge amount of wastewater.

RO Membrane breakage

In case there is a membrane breakage, the water no longer stays fit and contains a lot many impurities.


The product is easy to use, maintain and is available at a warranty period of 1 year by the company. It’s 24 * 7 helpline number and the customer service centers allow the customers to enjoy hassle-free service. The level of purification of the water by the purifier makes it eligible enough to be found in every household because staying healthy is the only motive it has been made for.

Hari Priya

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