AO Smith RO X8 9L RO SCMT Water Purifier Review

The A.O. Smith X8 purifies water through an advanced 8-stage RO+SCMT filtration system that is powered by the ART and mineralizer technology. The side stream RO membrane comes with a 1-year warranty. It is capable of removing chemicals, TDS, and disease-causing micro-organisms from the water while the SCMT technology ensures double protection of the purified water.

Hence, it ensures the complete safety of your family. The mineralizer retains essential minerals in the water during the purification process. So, it ensures healthy water with a refreshing taste. The easy to operate water purifier also offers the convenience of obtaining purified hot water with the touch of a button.

Let us now take a look at the detailed features, pros, and cons of the A.O. Smith X8 RO water purifier.

RO + SCMT Technology

The 8-stage purification system of the A.O. Smith X8 includes a pre-filter, sediment filter, carbon block, side stream RO membrane, mineralizer, and silver activated post carbon block. It is powered by the Silver Charged Membrane Technology (SCMT), which prevents recontamination of the water after RO filtration. The water purifier ensures baby-safe water that is well protected, in the 9 L food-grade safe storage tank.

Mineralizer Technology

The mineralizer technology maintains the pH levels and retains the essential minerals, including calcium and magnesium in the water. Hence, it ensures healthy and tasty drinking water that is enriched with nutrients.

Hot Water

The water purifier dispenses mineralized hot water with the touch of a button. It also enables you to choose between the different hot water temperatures.

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What Do We like

The purification system is enhanced with the breakthrough Advance Recovery Technology (ART). It saves two times water than any other RO water purifier. It ensures 100% RO purification and saves 9000 liters of water per year. Hence, the water purifier helps in the conservation of water.

Digital Display

The sleek and stylish RO water purifier comes with an intelligent display. It alerts when the filter needs to be changed. Hence, it never compromises the safety of your family by ensuring purified water at all times. The digital display also includes tank full, auto-flush, and power on indicators for the convenient operation of the water purifier.

What We Don’t Like

High Maintenance Cost

The water purifier requires frequent changing of filters and servicing. It requires a lot of maintenance, which also leads to high expenses. Moreover, it disrupts your drinking water experience.


The RO+SCMT technology ensures complete protection of the purified drinking water. It is also powered by the Advanced Recovery Technology (ART), which saves two times more water than any other RO water purifier during purification. The water purifier comes with a digital display for convenient operation. Hence, it is a recommended choice for those looking for an RO water purifier.

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