A.O.Smith Z-Series Z2 5-Litre Water Purifier Review

The AO Smith Z-Series Z2 water purifier comes with a side stream patented RO membrane. It ensures the efficient removal of impurities while reducing water wastage. The pre-filter and sediment filter remove suspended impurities from the water for improving the life of the RO membrane. Hence, the 5-stage purification system ensures healthy and safe drinking water for your family at all times.

The water purifier is convenient to use and install. It can be mounted on the wall or the tabletop, depending on your preference. It also comes with advance filter change indicators that notify you when the filters and RO membrane needs to be changed. Hence, it never compromises the safety of your family.


5-Stage Side Stream RO Purification

It purifies water through a 5-stage purification system. The pre-filter and sediment filter remove suspended impurities from the water while the pre-carbon filter eliminates foul odor and chlorine.

The side stream RO membrane ensures 100% pure drinking water with minimum water wastage and improved water recovery. It also includes a silver activated post-carbon filter that removes organic impurities and enhances the taste of the water.

5-Liter Storage Capacity

The water purifier comes with an in-built virgin food-grade ABS plastic storage tank. It stores up to 5-liters of pure drinking water for you and your family.

Advanced Digital Display

The advanced digital display provides all the useful information for the convenient operation of the water purifier. It comes with power-on, tank full, auto-flush, temperature, and hot water indicators. The water purifier also features twin advanced alerts that notify in advance when the RO membrane and other filters require changing.

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What Do We like

Easy Installation

The water purifier can be conveniently installed on the wall or the tabletop. It has a modern design that blends perfectly with the aesthetics of your kitchen decor. Moreover, it is convenient to use.

Efficient RO Membrane

The side stream patented RO membrane ensures the side flow of water for the efficient removal of TDS, heavy metals, chemicals, and disease-causing micro-organisms. The pre-filters remove suspended impurities from the water for the long-life of the RO membrane. It also comes with a 2-year warranty. Hence, it ensures healthy and safe drinking water enriched with minerals.

What We Don’t Like

Low Storage Capacity

It comes with a storage capacity of only 5-liters. Hence, it does not provide sufficient drinking water for a large family. It is a suitable choice for a small family.


The 5-liter storage capacity of the water purifier makes it an ideal option for a small family with two to three members. It has a compact design that saves space in the kitchen. Moreover, it ensures healthy and purified water at all times. The AO Smith water purifier is an excellent choice for those in search of an RO water purifier.

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