Best CBSE Books for Class 10

Preparing for the CBSE is tough challenge. You need to have right mindset, ability to pursue the goals and the right books.
Though there are abundance of choices available when it comes to the CBSE books, choosing the right one make life easier.

1. Arihant CBSE Science Term 2 Class 10

The book is a must-have for students preparing for Class 10 exams as it contains MCQs with detailed explanations.

Arihant’s CBSE Science Term 2 Series covers all the chapters as per the NCERT syllabus and the board.

The book is designed considering the latest CBSE new term syllabus & pattern.

It comes with three unsolved practice papers as per the term two syllabi to provide firsthand experience to the students.

2. Arihant CBSE Term 2 Mathematics Standard Class 10

The book has 10 sample question papers. The pattern, type, and nature of each question in the book are as per the latest CBSE term 2 sample paper guidelines issued in January 2022.

With this book, students can revise the whole syllabus in one day. It can help students perform better in the board exams as it contains chapter wise questions.

3. Arihant CBSE Term 2 English Language & Literature Class 10

Arihant books are designed with the theme to ‘keep practising and scoring’. This book contains a series of questions with detailed explanations to cover all the chapters in the board syllabus.

The students can practice their answer questioning skills using multiple-choice questions and subjective questions provided inside the book.

4. Educart CBSE Class 10 Final Revision Book Term 2 For Maths

The book contains final practice papers for a comprehensive revision of every topic and chapter as per the board syllabus.

The subjective question papers have an estimated time breakdown of two hours for all four subjects – Maths, Science, SST, and English.

Students can also self-evaluate their performance and practice to score better in the exam.

The book contains a step-wise breakdown of marks to help students write impressive answers and score well in the final exam.

5. Oswaal CBSE Term 2 English Science Social Science & Math Standard Class 10

Oswal sample question papers provide a comprehensive overview of the subject with a details explanation.

Students trust the brand Oswal for its sample questions that have repeatedly appeared in the final board exams.

The book contains questions pattern as per the latest CBSE Board sample paper issued in January 2022.

The students can revise and practise questions for 2, 3, 4, and 5, marking and evaluate their performance accordingly.

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