AO Smith Z9 1L Green RO Water Purifier Review

The AO Smith Z9 is a recommended RO water purifier. It purifies water through an advanced 8-stage filtration system that removes germs, bacteria, dissolved salts, and chemicals. The RO and SCMT technology ensures complete protection of the purified water. Hence, it ensures safe and clean drinking water for your family.

The classy and elegant model comes with a night assist feature that makes it stand-out in your modern kitchen. It can be installed on the wall for saving space. The digital interface and drip tray make the purifier convenient to operate.

Let us now take a look at the detailed review of the AO Smith Z9 RO water purifier.

8-Stage RO+SCMT

It purifies water through an advanced 8-stage purification process. The side stream RO membrane removes dissolved solids, chemicals, heavy metals, and disease-causing germs and bacteria from the water. The anti-bacterial Silver Charge Membrane Technology (SCMT), protects the purified water from re-contamination. Hence, it ensures safe and clean water for your baby.

Mineraliser Technology

The mineralizer technology ensures fresh and healthy drinking water for your family. It maintains the pH levels of the water to ensure a refreshing taste. It also retains essential minerals in the water for an enriching drinking water experience.

10 Liters Storage Capacity

It comes with an in-built storage tank made using virgin food-grade safe ABS plastic. The storage tank is capable of storing up to 10-liters of purified drinking water for you and your family. It prevents toxic chemicals from leaching in. Hence, it ensures safe and clean water at all times.

Advance Recovery Technology (ART)

The Advance Recovery Technology (ART) reduces wastage of water during the purification process. It conserves water by saving two times more water than any other RO water purifier.

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What Do We like

Instant Hot Water

The water purifier offers you the convenience of choosing between two hot water temperatures. It provides water at 45 degrees C for drinking or 80 degrees C for cooking. It ensures instant hot water at the touch of a button.

Digital Display

The digital display provides information such as power mode, tank full, filter alerts, and water temperature. It also includes a water level indicator that notifies you of the level of the remaining water in the tank. These features make the water purifier convenient to use.

Night Assist

The night assist feature guides you to the water purifier in the dark. The light ensures elegance and enhances the look of your kitchen.


The water purifier can be conveniently installed on the wall of the kitchen or the tabletop. It comes with a removable drip tray that ensures convenient filling of glasses or bottles. The elegant and classy design of the purifier makes it stand-out in your contemporary kitchen.

What We Don’t Like


The water purifier is expensive compared to other RO water purifier models. It is not suitable for those under a budget.


The AO Smith Z9 is an excellent RO water purifier that ensures baby-safe water at all times. It stores up to 10 liters of purified water making it an ideal option for a large family. The water purifier is a suitable choice for those with no restraints on price.

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