AO Smith i1 RO Review

The A.O. Smith i1 is a beautifully crafted dual-color RO water purifier that fits perfectly well in any modern kitchen. It comes with an advanced six-stage purification technology powered by its patented Side Stream RO membrane and mineralizer technology. Hence, it ensures safe and fresh drinking water in areas with low and high TDS levels.

The water purifier also features a digital display that comes with tank full, filter change, and auto-flush indicators. It is capable of purifying water from different sources, making it an ideal recommendation.

Let us take a look at the in-depth review of the A.O. Smith i1 + RO water purifier


6-Stage Patented SSM Technology

It purifies water through a 6-stage purification system, which includes a sediment filter, SCB (fine sediment + carbon block), patented side stream RO membrane, silver activated post carbon filter, and mineralizer. The advanced filtration process efficiently removes germs, bacteria, dissolved solids, and chemicals from the water. Hence, it ensures safe and pure drinking water with minimum water wastage.

Storage Capacity- 5-Liters

The water purifier stores purified water up to 5-liters. It ensures immediate access to drinking water for a small family.

Mineralizer Technology

The purification system is enhanced with the mineralizer technology. It retains essential minerals and maintains the pH level of the water. Hence, it provides healthy water that has a refreshing taste and is rich in nutrients.

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What Do We like

Sleek Design

The water purifier is beautifully crafted with a dual-tone color. The sleek and elegant design adds style to your modern home decor. It is a perfect match for any contemporary kitchen.

Digital Display

The water purifier comes with an intelligent and smart digital display. It includes features like an auto-flush indicator that indicates the cleaning of the RO membrane is in progress. The auto-flush feature also enhances the life of the RO membrane. The digital display also comes with a tank full and filter change indicators for the convenient operation of the water purifier.


The RO membrane is tested and certified by the WQA against NSF/ANSI 58 standards. It meets all safety standards and material requirements. The RO membrane also comes with a 1-year warranty making it a reliable option to consider buying.

What We Don’t Like

Low Storage Capacity

It comes with a storage capacity of only 5-liters. Hence, it does not provide an adequate volume of purified drinking water for a large family. The water purifier is suitable for small families to two to three members.


The A.O. Smith i1 is a recommended option for those looking for an RO water purifier. It includes a patented side stream RO membrane that efficiently filters water from toxic impurities. It is capable of purifying water from different sources, including tap, brackish, and bore-well. The long-life of the RO membrane and 1-year warranty makes it a reliable choice.

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