A.O.Smith X4 48-Watt RO Water Purifier Review

The A.O. Smith X4 undergoes an advanced 5-stage purification system that is powered by the side stream RO membrane. The pre-filters remove suspended impurities from the water ensuring the long life of the RO membrane. It allows water to flow sideways for the efficient removal of harmful contaminants. It also reduces water wastage during the filtration process and improves water recovery.

The model includes a water level indicator, a digital display, and a removable drip tray for its easy usage. The compact design offers the convenience of choosing between a wall-mount and tabletop placement. Moreover, AO Smith ensures a 2-year warranty on the RO membrane, making it a worthy purchase.

Let us now take a look at the detailed review of the AO Smith X4 RO water purifier.


Side Stream RO Membrane

The water purifier features a patented side stream RO membrane that ensures the efficient filtration of water. The side flow of water through the RO membrane helps in the better rejection of impurities and reduces water wastage.

The advanced five-stage purification system also includes a pre-filter, sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, and a silver activated post carbon filter. Hence, the water purifier always ensures healthy and safe drinking water.

9-Liters Storage Capacity

The purified water is stored in the food-grade safe storage tank having a capacity of 9-liters. The large storage capacity of the water purifier prevents you from running out of healthy drinking water.

2-Year Warranty

The RO membrane comes with a warranty of 2-years worth INR 4980. Moreover, AO Smith promises a one-hour response, a one-time fix, and a one-hour resolution. Hence, it is a reliable RO water purifier option.

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What Do We like

Easy Placement

The compact design of the water purifier makes it easy to mount on the wall. It can also be placed on the tabletop. The water purifier is the perfect match for your contemporary kitchen.

Convenient Operation

The unique features of the water purifier make it convenient to operate. The water level indicator tells you the level of water available in the tank.  It also comes with a drip tray for convenient water filling. The tray can be removed during the filling of large vessels or bottles.

Digital Display

The intelligent display of the water purifier provides useful information regarding the purification process. It includes tank full, auto-flush, power-on, and filter change indicators. The advance alerts notify when the filter and RO membrane require changing.

What We Don’t Like

High Maintenance Cost

The water purifier requires servicing and filter change frequently. Hence, the maintenance cost of the AO Smith X4 is quite high. It might not be a suitable choice for those with a price restraint.


The AO Smith water purifier comes with a long-lasting RO membrane that ensures the efficient purification of water. The 2-year RO membrane warranty and one-hour service resolution from AO Smith make this water purifier a reliable option. Moreover, the AO Smith X4 is an excellent choice for a large family because of its large storage capacity of 9-liters.

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