Whirlpool ACE 10.5 XL 10.5 kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Review

This Whirlpool Top Loading Washing Machine is designed to fit a large household. The Whirlpool washing machine comes with a two-year comprehensive warranty and a warranty for its washing motor as well as it’s the prime mover. The washer has 5 wash programs which include functions like a hard stain remover, hard water wash, and its super soak function.

It’s motor speed is up to 1400rpm and drives your clothes within minutes. This Whirlpool top loading washing machine has a large tub measuring 10.5kg for washing large clothes. It also has two separate motors for washing and drying clothes.


Whirlpool  Semi-Automatic Washing Machine offers 10.5 kg which is huge and can easily fit clothes of 7-8 people.

3D Turbo Impeller

Its 3D turbo impeller provides the perfect tumbling speed for your clothes to be cleaned properly.  The impeller also comes with pads to make the washing process more effective.

3D Lint Filter

The 3D lint filter in this washing machine catches and accumulates lint and fluff from your drying load so your clothes stay clean after washing.

Hard Water Wash

It also removes dirt properly with the help of the hard water wash program on the machine. The hard water wash takes off the tough stains on your fabric and leaves you with clean clothes.

Motor Speed

It has a high RPM speed that makes sure that your clothes get dry quickly and with the large Ace XL your machine can handle heavy loads of washing at a go. The motor is very strong and built to last.

Wash Programs

This washing machine comes with five different washing programs. You can also set the water levels to Extra High, High,  Medium and Low. You will be able to wash your clothes clean with any of the five washing programs.

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What Do We like

Water and Energy Conservation

This Whirlpool 10.5kg washing machine saves your water usage by up to 40%. It is also energy efficient and will wash your clothes perfectly.

Fabric Care

It washes your fabrics gently and will not damage any material.

What We Don’t Like


It is expensive because of the capacity it is offering.


We recommend that you buy the Whirlpool 10.5kg Semi-automatic Washing Machine because of its effectiveness. You will enjoy using the machine especially because it can take a large number of clothes in one wash. It also has a superior technology that can scrub your clothes like hand washing. If you have any tough stains that prove difficult to get out, this machine would not have a hard time getting it out for you. It has a very solid motor that can handle large washing every day. The product comes with one year warranty while its motor has a five-year warranty attached to it.  The washing machine is ideal for families that are very large.

The price may be on the high side but it is still affordable compared to other products within this quality. You will get the value for your money on the Whirlpool 10.5kg Semi-automatic Washing Machine.

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