Where to keep Washing Machine at Home?

Are you having trouble accommodating your washing machine in a way that creates aesthetically pleasing living spaces or a relaxing ambience in the bathroom?

Sit back and breathe easy as this article discusses various innovative ideas for keeping a washing machine that provides an elegant setup and convenient storage.

Where To Keep A Washing Machine At Home?

Considering the water and electricity supplies are fulfilled, you can keep your washing machine at various innovative places like built-in cabinets, under the staircase, under the washbasin counter, in the hallway, under an island, in the shower stall, under the kitchen counter, below the bespoke shelves, inside a cupboard, on the landing laundry closet, etc.

How you place furniture in your room determines a lot about its aesthetics. A washing machine is a must-have appliance, but if you don’t know how to position it strategically, it may end up denting the beauty and elegance of your home interiors.

Keep reading as we will unfold in detail the creative and innovative ideas of keeping your washing machine elegantly and effortlessly in the following sections.

Moreover, we will discuss the possibilities of keeping the machine outside and protecting it if it is kept outdoors.

What Are The Best Spots For Placing A Washing Machine In The Home?

With a little bit of brainstorming and creativity, you can come up with brilliant storage solutions for keeping your washing machine at home.

Built-in Cabinets

Built-in cabinets provide an excellent way of storing washing machine tidy and clean. If you have bathroom cabinets, you can easily accommodate a washing machine in the bathroom.

With in-built cabinetry, you can simply shut the cabinet door for hiding your machine perfectly. You can also create a big closet for storing the washing machine and all bathroom related accessories in one place.

Under the Washbasin Counter

Keeping your washing machine under the washbasin counter offers various benefits. It provides convenient usage and storage while maintaining the décor of your home interiors. You can quickly get access to the electricity and plumbing points.

If you only have a washer, you can store it on one side of the washbasin counter. The other half can house the drawers. The single swing door covers the machine when not used, and it opens up against the wall so that it does not trespass upon space.

Ensure that the washing machine sits comfortably with a couple of inches inwards from the edge of the countertop for avoiding any impact against your knees.

Inside a Wardrobe

You can easily convert your wardrobe into a washing machine storage space by removing the standard rods and shelves. These tall and narrow closets are suitable for storing both a washing machine and drying cabinet side by side.

The presence of mesh doors provides sufficient ventilation for both appliances and other stuff.

In the Hallway

If your apartment has a long hallway, it offers an ideal way of keeping your washing machine. You can install barn style sliding doors in the long corridor that easily slide away for covering the washer and dryer.

It is suitable for a freestanding washing machine that can be easily positioned and connected to a drain and a plug socket.

Under the Kitchen Counter

If you struggle to keep your machine in a small bathroom, keep it under the kitchen counter.

You can cover the machine or leave it uncovered if it blends effortlessly with the surrounding ambience.

Inside a laundry Cabinet

In case you own a small property, you can use creative ideas for creating laundry cabinets out of a cupboard or a bookshelf. The mesh and sliding door easily slides away while you are using the washing machine.

On the Landing Laundry Closet

A landing laundry closet works excellent for you if you like to do laundry on the same floor, similar to a bedroom. It features a long closet with sliding doors at the top of the stairs. It houses a stacked washer and dryer unit and blends well with the wardrobe design.

You can install bi-fold doors on the landing for better space management as compared to regular swing doors. Moreover, the louvred doors ensure proper ventilation for the washing machines.

Under the Staircase

Keeping your washing machine under the staircase provides a great way of incorporating it into unused space.

It serves as an ideal spot for hiding your washing machine and offers an efficient space-saving solution.

 Inside the Pantry

You can choose to go for a vertical space storage solution if you have both a washer and dryer. Make a room in your pantry for accommodating both washing and drying units.

You should use a hinged folding panel that fits into the space between the fridge cabinet and the washing machine in this arrangement. This folding panel creates a seamless façade by sliding out to cover the gadgets when not used.

Within a Shower Stall

Partition your shower cubicle for creating a space for stacking both a washer and dryer. This waterproof partition helps you to maximize the storage space by adding a cupboard on top for keeping laundry supplies.

This arrangement allows you to hide the appliances with a single shower curtain by shifting the curtain rod.

Cover-Up with Decorative Panels

If you don’t have sufficient storage space for keeping your washing machine, try covering it up with decorative panels or sliding doors. It imparts elegant touch to your bathroom and makes it appear polished.

Keep your washing machine in the bathroom and use the wastewater for flushing the toilet. It offers an eco-friendly solution that helps in saving both space and water. You should select a decorative panel that matches the existing décor.

Moreover, you can also add a woven rug and wooden accents for maintaining the perfect ambience.

Another alternative is to hang curtains that blend with the rest of the décor. This provides an easy way of creating an ideal enclosure for your washing machine.

Below the Bespoke Shelves

Creating a bespoke shelf and placing the machine below offers a great way of camouflaging the washing machine.

The bespoke shelves may feature two or more tiers. You can keep a foldout hamper for keeping the semi-dried clothes after they are taken out of the washer.

Use the top shelf for keeping detergents and other cleaning accessories. It is ideally suited for smaller bathrooms. You may also add some floating shelves for accommodating more cleaning items.

Can You Keep Your Washing Machine Outside?

Yes, if you have a shortage of indoor space for keeping your washing machine, you can consider keeping it outdoors. However, you need to ensure the availability of water and electricity supply to your washing machine. Ideally, you should place a washing machine near a water supply. Moreover, there should be sufficient space for draining the wastewater away.

For power supply, use an extension cord if you have semi-automatic machines and dryers. For a fully automatic washing machine and electric dryers, choose a dedicated power source.

The next question that pops up in your mind would be how safe it is to keep the washing machine outdoors.

It depends a lot on the make of your washing machine. Most washing machines are equipped with built-in features that prevent sun rays and rain.

However, the prolonged exposure to environmental elements may shorten the lifespan of your washing machine and deteriorate its looks. Thus, even though you can keep your washing machine outdoors, do it only as a last resort.

How To Protect Your Washing Machine When Kept Outdoors?

Protecting Against Sunlight

The UV radiation of the sunlight can easily de-colourize your white washing machine and turns it to yellow over time. Moreover, the heat from the sunlight damages other washing machine components, including the buttons on the front panel.

To avoid the effect of sunlight, you should ensure to keep your washing machine in a shaded place. It’s recommended to install a canopy or sunshade if there is no natural shade present.

Always keep your washing machine covered with a durable and high-quality washing machine cover when it is not used when placed outdoors.

Protecting Against Rains

If your washing machine features a metallic body, then paint it using special coatings for protecting it against water. Exposure to water during rains may corrode your machine and its components.

Use a waterproof washing machine cover for protecting your washing machine during rains. Ensure not to use plastic covers and tarpaulins as these cover trap the moisture and may cause moulds and corrosion when left for a long time.

Protecting Against Insects

Your washing machine may serve as a home to small insects like spiders and wasps. These insects are difficult to deal with. Moreover, the rodent infestation in your washing machine can result in the rats nibbling away at the washing machine’s innards.

Ensure to clean your washing machine and the surrounding area to protect it against insects.

If you see any signs of rodent infestation or nibble marks, set traps to capture rats and get rid of the rodent issue before it worsens.


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