Why do washing machines leak?

There are many causes of leakages in washing machines. Water could be leaking out from a number of places, and it might be quite tricky to locate the exact point.

Before trying to find the fault, you must first ensure that the machine is off and unplugged from the power source. It should also be on a level surface, and the taps should be off.

Faults can then be easily located and fixed by the point of leakage.

Water is leaking at the back or front of the machine.

When this happens, you should check out the water supply hoses. Feel around the joints for moisture. If there’s any, you should confirm if it’s properly connected. The hoses should be replaced if the threadings have become worn out.

Water is leaking from the door.

This might just mean that the door isn’t properly closed. There are a few reasons why the door isn’t closing properly. It could be a result of the accumulation of dirt on the seal; clothes stuck in-between the door, the machine is seating on an unlevel surface or the wrong use of detergents.

There’s a leak in the front cabinet.

This is usually caused by a leaky water pump. A water pump has a number of seals that can get broken. You should check the pump’s connection points.

There’s a little leakage near the seals: with time, the seals on the tub and air dome grow weak, it might be time for a seal change.

There’s a leak beneath the machine.

There are two reasons this could be happening. It could either be the result of a punctured water pump or a faulty drain hose in the machine.

Following these steps, you should be able to tackle leakages in your washing machine, but if they keep occurring, you should call an expert.


Leakage in the washing machine means you can not operate it safely, it can lead to water entering its motor and stopping it to function only all together. If spotted leakage, instant actin is required. Calling a professional is the best option.

Any leakage that is detected early can be solved easily and the washing machine can function smoothly. Timely maintenance is a must when you own any big electrical appliance.


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