Tips to Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer

The washing machine helps us take care of our dirty clothes within the comfort of our homes. It saves our time and efforts on most days when we don’t even have time to sit down.

Washing machines are appliances, and they need proper maintenance to last long without breaking down. For example, most people don’t know that their washing machines should be cleaned periodically. They believe that since soap and water go into it all the time, they are extremely clean. 

Sometimes, dirty water may remain in the lint filter, and this can really harm your washing machine. If you want to give your washing machine the proper love it deserves, there are certain tips you need to follow.

Don’t Overload

Avoid putting a lot of load in your washing machine at once, no matter how much laundry you have to do. If you want the best washing results for your clothes, you have to avoid overloading it, or the machine drum will get damaged.

Even if you are using a front-load machine that has more space than most top-load designs, you still have to avoid overloading it. Overloading prevents a washing machine from easily rotating during the wash cycle as there is not enough room for the clothes to rotate.

Change the Hose

Make sure you turn off the water supply to your washing machine after you are done washing your clothes to prevent water from storing in the pipes.

If you can’t always turn off the water when you are done with your laundry, you should make sure that switch out your substandard hose with a more durable one. A durable hose will ensure that the hose doesn’t crack, split, or dry out. Examples of hoses to avoid at all costs are rubber hoses. 

Use Detergent Moderately

Using too much detergent in the washing machine at once won’t give you a better wash cycle. There are recommended amounts for each amount of load for a reason.

Exceeding that recommended amount will only make your clothes sticky and difficult to rinse. It can also leave a stain on dark clothes and cause irritation to your skin when you wear them.

To have an idea of the amount of detergent you should use for every wash cycle, you can always refer to the manual of the washing machine.

Finally, any detergent you use should be both budget-friendly and of good quality. Using a detergent with low quality can damage both your clothes and the washing machine in the long run. 

Air It Out

No matter how much you try to drain the water in a washing machine after use, a little bit of water still remains. This water, if left inside the washing machine, can form mildew or create rust at a later date.

Leaving the door of the washing machine open when you are not using it will ensure that the moisture accumulated in the washing machine properly dries out. You can get rid of the musty smell associated with washing machines this way.

Another way to prevent musty smell and rust in the washing machine is to use descaling products after every ten washes. Descaling is even more important if you live in a hard water area.

Clean Everything

Your clothes shouldn’t be the only thing you clean when you use a washing machine. You should clean the entire washer itself. If the washer isn’t clean, it is very likely that your clothes will not get washed properly.

So, you have to ensure that you wipe down the whole machine without leaving behind any residue at a fixed interval. This can be once every week or every two weeks.

The best thing to clean the washing machine is a damp cloth. You can also use white vinegar or like to remove the grease and slimy buildup from the machine. An alternative to this is to use a washer cleaner to remove buildups. 

Use All the Settings

The buttons and options at the top of your washing machine aren’t just there for the purpose of decoration. They are there for a purpose.

Although you may be tempted to use the maximum setting every time to save some time on reloading, this method will eventually destroy the machine and your clothes. Also, remember to check the tags of your clothes for specific washing instructions.

Don’t Slam the Door

Like every household appliance, a washing machine is a very delicate instrument. It is to be handled with care at all times. This means that if it is not stackable, heavy things shouldn’t be placed on it, especially when it’s in use and the door should be handled with care. 

Slamming the door of your washing machine may lead to a number of damages to your washing machine. To save yourself from having to spend money on repair when the machine starts displaying an error code, gently close the door every time.


Maintaining a washing machine is very simple. All the tips we have mentioned above are not stressful but they will save you a lot of maintenance fees in the future. Besides, taking care of your washing machine is the least you can do for the machine that takes care of you. 


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