Is Washing Machine Stand Necessary?

Using a washing machine stand helps you to address your common issues related to washing machine usage and enjoy flawless washing machine performance.

In this article we will explore the reasons that make washing machine stand a necessity.

Is Washing Machine Stand Necessary?

Yes, a washing machine stand is necessary as it overcomes normal issues related to washing machine usage. It helps to achieve quieter cleaning operations by absorbing the machine’s vibrations. It offers the flexibility of moving the machine throughout your home and easily carries the weight of the machine when kept underneath it. It prevents corrosion due to water spills and enhances the durability of the washing machine for long-lasting usage.

We are aware that washing machines are noisy appliances and a powerful integrated motor in these machines creates vibrations that pass on the floor and makes you feel irritated. A washing machine stand provides an effective way of dealing with these issues.

This article broadens your knowledge regarding washing machine stand, trolley, benefits of washing machine trolley, who will need the washing machine stand, and types of washing machine stand.

What is a Stand or Trolley?

Both trolley and stand can be used for sitting the washing machine a few inches from the floor. However, these differ in their design and overall functionality.


A stand is primarily used for providing the place for sitting the washing machine so that it does not touch the floor.

It can be made from various materials such as plastic, rubber, steel, etc. However, a stand cannot be used for moving the machine from one place to other.


A trolley is a stand with attached wheels. It is primarily meant for moving the washing machine throughout the home.

As it carries the weight of the washing machine it is prepared from durable and sturdy material. Thus, it serves as a stand and provides portability.

Benefits of Washing Machine Stand/Trolley

Reduces Washing Machine Noise

A washing machine is equipped with a powerful and smart motor that rotates at great speed for ensuring efficient cleaning. This speed is measured in terms of revolutions per minute (RPM). A high RPM of washing machines is what makes them noisy and irritating.

When you keep your washing machine on a stand or trolley, it avoids direct contact with the floor and hence reduces vibrations and lessens noise.

Moreover, you can carry it for washing clothes at a place away from your room so that you experience less noise during washing.

Reduces Washing Machine Vibrations

As we have discussed earlier, a washing machine operating at high RPM creates vibrations. These vibrations disturb your peace of mind and are transferred to the floor.

The washing machine stand or trolley has an in-built mechanism to absorb the impact of vibrations. These are equipped with anti-skid feet or wheels that absorb most of the vibrations and provide improved stability to the machine during the washing.

When you keep your washing machine on the stand, it reduces the surface area that comes in contact with the floor. This results in a considerable reduction in the vibrations being transferred to the floor.

Provides Enhanced Portability

A washing machine is a heavy appliance and it can’t be moved easily without applying great efforts. Due to its heavyweight, you are forced to tinker with various ideas for adjusting it in places nearby the bathroom for avoiding movement.

However, with this trolley stand, you can easily move the washing machine anywhere in your home. Therefore, you can store your washing machine at any place and maintain your home decors perfectly.

Thus, a washing machine trolley provides enhanced portability makes it easy to move your washing machine as and when required.

Ensures Easy Cleaning of Floor and Adjacent Areas

When you have a washing machine lying on the floor, it is not easy to clean the floor area underneath the machine and the adjoining areas. You need to move the washing machine from its place for ensuring proper cleaning.

In case you avoid cleaning the adjoining area, it accumulates the dirt and may cause issues with drainage pipe and regurgitation of the dirty water. It may also damage the lower surface area of your expensive washing machine.

By using a trolley for sitting your washing machine, you can prevent most of these issues. As most of the adjustable trolleys keep your washing machine at a height of 3 inches to 5 inches from the floor, you have sufficient space for cleaning the underneath floor.

Moreover, you can also move the machine easily from its storage place for cleaning the adjoining areas.

Prevents Decay of the Washing Machine Surface

A washing machine trolley allows you to move your washing machine from its place and thus ensures proper cleaning of the floor and other adjoining areas. This ensures that the bottom surface area of the washing machine stays in perfect condition and does not decay.

Who Will Need a Washing Machine Trolley or Stand?

If you own a washing machine, you should get a washing machine trolley or stand. However, there are certain scenarios where you must get a washing machine trolley or stand. Let’s discuss the situations that demand a trolley or stand for sitting a washing machine.

When You Have Kids at Home

If you have small kids at home then you should ensure that they get proper rest and relaxation. The noise and vibrations coming from your washing machine may ruin their sleep.

Thus, you should get a trolley for moving your washing machine away from the kids’ room for washing clothes so that they can enjoy quality and comfortable sleep.

When You are a Cleaning Freak

If you are a clean freak who is obsessed with maintaining cleanliness in every nuke and cranny of your house, use a washing machine trolley.

It helps in efficient and effortless cleaning of the area below the washing machine. Moreover, you can also move the machine for cleaning the adjoining areas.

Residing in a Small Apartment

If you live in a small apartment, you need to bring your creative and imaginative skills for making effective utilization of the space available.

Using a trolley or stand for sitting the washing machine helps you avoid the irritating noise and vibrations in the small apartment.

Keep the Surface of Your Washing Machine Clean

If you like to preserve the quality of your expensive machine, you should invest in a good quality trolley or stand. This helps in preventing the accumulation of dust and dirt on the lower surface of the washing machine and makes your machine easy to clean.

When You are Remodelling/Changing Your House

If you are remodelling/shifting your house, you would like to shift your washing machine to a different place. A trolley comes in handy in such scenarios as it provides easy portability of the washing machine to the desired location.

Does The Washing Machine Stand Differ As Per The Type Of Washing Machine?

Yes, the washing machine stand differs as per the type of washing machine. There are three types of washing machines including semi-automatic washing machine, top-loader automatic machine, and front-loading washing machine.

As the weight of all these types of washing machine differs, the trolley or stand used for sitting them also varies. The washing machine stands or trolleys are equipped with anti-skid feet or wheels.

Some stands come with adjustable dimensions that enable you to adjust their size as per your washing machine requirements. On other hand, non-adjustable stands are great at absorbing vibrations but these can accommodate machines that match its dimensions.

While choosing a washing machine stand, consider various factors like its heavy-duty construction, durability, dimensions, maximum load-bearing capacity, anti-skid wheels, and adjustability.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

If you have an older model of semi-automatic washing machine that does not have wheels, get a washing machine stand that matches the dimensions of your machine.

Ensure that the stand is durable enough for withstanding the weight of your washing machine.

Top Loader Automatic Washing Machine

As a top-loader automatic washing machine is heavier than the semi-automatic washing machine, you require a heavy-duty trolley with high durability and sturdy construction for sitting it and moving it comfortably as and when required.

Always check the body of the trolley and stand and prefer the one with solid and metallic construction for enhanced strength.

Front Loading Washing Machine

The front-loading washing machine is the heaviest of all the variants. You need a heavy-duty trolley with metallic or stainless steel construction along with anti-skid wheels so that it can support the weight of the washing machine.

Ensure the dimensions and maximum loading capacity of your trolley can comfortably accommodate your front-loading washing machine.

Also, ensure it features anti-skid wheels for ensuring easy movement and improved stability.

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