Whirlpool 12 kg 360° Ultimate Care Washing Machine Review

The Whirlpool 12 kg 360° Ultimate Care 12.0 Washing Machine is from the Whirlpool brand, a well-known and reputable brand across India. It comes with several unique features that make your washing hassle-free, easy, and enjoyable.

This washing machine comes with various technologies that ensure the users’ safety, making it one of the most sought after make in India. Coming from a reputable brand, users can be assured of quality, efficiency, and durability from this projector.

In-Built Heater

This washing machine comes with a built-in heater that facilitates allergen-free clothes wash, as well as destroying up to 99.9% of germs. The heater senses any load automatically, followed by heating up of water to approximately 60°C, which results in an allergen and germ-free clothes wash.

Tumble Care Technologies

The washing machine comes with unique tumble care technologies; these technologies sense all laundry conditions, as well as cleaning the clothes in exceptional 360° tumble motions. The clothes brush against one another, resulting in excellently cleaned clothes.

Care Move Technologies

This Whirlpool washing machine comes with care move technologies that combine hot concentrated showers with gentle washing movements, giving users front load-like attention, in top loads.


The washing machine with two years Whirlpool warranty on the product while the Prime Mover comes with ten years warranty; users can be assured of easily accessible after-sales-services in case the machine comes with any defects or becomes faulty within two years for the product and ten years for the Prime Mover respectively after the date of purchase.

Hot Finish Feature

This washing machine comes with the hot finish feature; it makes use of warm water to rinse your clothes, leaving them wrinkle-free, soft, fluffy, sanitized, and fresh.

Auto Softener Dispenser

This washing machine comes with an auto softener dispenser that dispenses detergent automatically during the rinsing cycle, ensuring that your clothes are not only clean but also fresh and soft.

Catalytic Soak

The washing machine comes with the catalytic soak feature that enables you to soak your clothes in definite detergent water that loosens dirt before the cleaning process begins.


This washing machine comes with a number of EasyTech features that make your washing experience easy and satisfying. Including:

Smart Lint Filters

These help in removing any accumulated lint while washing

Smart Detergent Recommendations

These features detect the laundry capacity in the tub, recommending the detergent required accordingly

Smart Sensors

These sensors detect and indicate water conditions and low voltage automatically, keeping the machine safe from electrical damage

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What Do We like

Express Wash

The Express wash feature in this washing machine reduces the time used in washing clothes that re less soiled, saving users their detergent, energy costs, and time.

Power Dry Technologies

The washing machine features the power dry technologies that ensure better drying of your clothes; it has four diverse levels that are ideal for drying different varieties of clothes.

Dynamix Technology

The dynamix technology in this washing machine gets rid of all detergent residues, even if it’s used under low pressure, leaving your clothes sparkling clean.

Hotmatic Technology

This washing machine comes with the Hotmatic technology that gets rid of stains; its intelliSensor and microprocessor aid it to control water temperatures and analyze data for different fabric types, yielding ultimate washing performances.

What We Don’t Like


Weighing 33kg, users may find it hard if they need to move this machine around from time to time if need be.


This washing machine gets rid of 99.9% germs from clothes, ensuring that your clothes are sanitized and fresh. Users can be guaranteed for effective cleaning of their clothes, in a cost-effective way.

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