Panasonic 14 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-W140B1ARB) Review

Panasonic Japanese company is one of the popular choices for most customers looking for washing machines. One of the reasons why people prefer Panasonic washing machines is that they are very affordable. They make quality machines and have an outstanding number of positive reviews from customers.

The Panasonic 14kg washing machine is a very large washer that will be very convenient for large families. The 14kg washing machine handles heavy load washing and will take a lot of clothes in one-go. 

Lint Filter

The Panasonic washing machine has a cassette-type filter that will collect all residues. The filter is very strong and will not tear or remove even when you are having low water pressure.

Wash Timer with Auto Soak

The company has included a pre-soak feature in this 14kg washing machine. You can soak your clothes by selecting the desired soaking time before the washing machine begins to wash your clothes. The washing machine soaks your clothes that are heavily soiled to loosen the dirt in them for a cleaner wash.

Stainless Steel Tub

The washing tub of this washing machine is made with stainless steel. The stainless steel is long-lasting and does not rust.


This quality washing machine comes with a two-year warranty for the full product and its powerful motor also comes with two years warranty.

2 Course Selection

The washing machine comes with two wash programs which you can select to wash all types of fabrics. The Panasonic 14kg washing machine cares for your clothes with the gentlest touch.

ActiveFoam system

The active foam feature of this washing machine will make a high density of foam to form before the washing cycle begins. The foam penetrates deep in your clothes to remove the dirt.


The washing machine has a scrubber that can scrub off the tough stains on your clothes with just one push of a button.


Panasonic uses an energy-saving technology that detects the weight of the clothes you are washing and adjusts the amount of water you will need to wash your clothes. This technology helps save you time and energy.

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What Do We like


You can wash a lot of clothes with this washing machine. If you have a family of more than five members or more, you should get this washing machine.


The stainless steel tub of this washing machine provides your clothes with a hygienic environment for washing.

Clean Wash

The washing machine scrubs and cleans your clothes thoroughly. Its foam wash technology allows your detergent to dissolve into your clothes so they can be clean.

What We Don’t Like


The washing machine offers 2 inlet for water but only 1 pipe is offered, hence every now and then you have to unplug and plug pipe in different inlets.


You will enjoy using this large size Panasonic washing machine especially if you have a lot of washing to do. The washing machine is very easy to use. It would wash your clothes clean and will last for years. Panasonic is known to make long-lasting products.

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