IFB 7.5 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine Review

The IFB 7.5 kg Fully-Automatic Washing Machine comes from the IFB brand, a brand known for helping users to carry out their house chores easily, allowing them to chase their dreams without worrying about the piles of dirty clothes awaiting them back at home.

Additionally, it gets rid of 99.9% of germ as well as stubborn stains and dirt from the clothes, resulting in bright, sterile, and fresh clothes!



The washing machine comes with a 7.5kg capacity, making it ideal for a family of four; users can choose to do their laundry two to three times a week, greatly saving their time and energy costs.

Smart Sense

The washing machine comes with inbuilt Smart Weight Sensors that detect the load automatically, adjusting the settings accordingly, which saves on detergent and water.

Wash Programs

This washing machine comes with a number of washing programs that allow users to clean different types of fabrics, namely:

Blanket wash

Sports-wear wash

Saree wash

Delicate color/Delicate wash

Express wash

Favorite wash

Jeans wash

Hygiene plus washing option

Aqua Spa Feature

This washing machine rejuvenates, cleanses, exfoliates, and hydrates your clothes via the specialized spa technology and programs designed to wash your fabrics gently.

3D Washing Systems

This washing machine from IFB features dynamic water systems that allow the soaking of clothes before washing, delivering excellent wash results.

Express Wash feature

The express wash feature is specially designed for lightly soiled and lighter loads, making it very ideal for cleaning your gym clothes.


The washing machine comes with a four years manufacturers’ warranty; users can access after-sales-services from the many IFB retail outlets across India in case the machine becomes faulty within four years after the date of purchase for repair or replacement.

Crescent Moon Feature

The washing machine comes with crescent moon indentations on the drum’s surface facilitates lenient water cushions that cushion fabrics against damage.

Float Ball Valves

This washing machine comes with float ball valves that allow water out as they retain the detergent in the tub, enhancing the wash and preventing wastage.

Deep Clean Feature

The washing machine comes with the triadic pulsators that are gentle on your clothes and tough on dirt and stubborn stains, resulting in magical washing experiences.

Cradle Wash Feature

This washing machine cares for all your delicate fabricates via the cradle wash program; it cleans chiffons, laces, delicates, satins, and silks very gently, ensuring they don’t get damaged.

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What Do We like


This washing machine provides extra rinses that remove any detergent residues completely from your clothes; this feature is very useful for users with skin sensitivity.

In-built Heater

The washing machine comes with advanced heating technologies tested for more than a decade; it protects the machine against scaling, rust, as well as saving greatly on energy costs.

Low/High Voltage Protection

The washing machine is protected against damage from electrical voltage fluctuations; it pauses its functioning in case of very high or low voltage and resumes automatically when the voltage stabilizes.

What We Don’t Like

Noise Level

This washing machine produces an audible sound while in operation; users who intend to enjoy some quiet or to watch a movie may find this irritating or disruptive.


This washing machine allows users to enjoy hassle-free laundry experiences; coming with top-loading designs, it can unload and load clothes at the users’ convenience.

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