Godrej WS 800 PDS 8kg Semi-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine Review

The Godrej WS 800 PDS washing machine is one of the best in the market. It comes at a very affordable price and is durable. This Godrej washing machine comes with very unique features that make it a great washing machine to buy.

The entire body is rust free and it is the only brand that has a stainless steel drum in a semi-automatic washing machine. The motor has a very high watt capacity of up to 570 watts which is higher than most washing machines within its category especially since they all fall within 350 watts. The powerful motor will ensure that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned.


This washing machine has a very compact control panel area that has just three buttons which are the wash program, wash timer and the spin timer.

Glass Lid

The washing machine is made from plastic but it also has a tough glass lid that allows you to see inside the washing machine. The glass lid is made with hydraulic control so it doesn’t get damaged or slammed when it is closed. The glass can take heavyweight objects of up to 120kg on it without breaking.


The washing machine is designed to last and comes with a full-body warranty for up to two years. The motor, however, has a five-year warranty.

Active Soak

The active soak feature allows you to soak your clothes for a few minutes to soften the dirt on it before the washing machine begins its washing cycle.

Trio Scrub Pulsator

This unique technology makes the machine wash your clothes better to give you clean and fresh-looking clothes.

Spin Shower

This special rinse feature makes sure that the water mixes properly in your clothes to remove every detergent residue from your fabrics.

Aquajet Pulsator

The washing machine also has an aquajet pulsator that creates turbulence through water flow pressure to move your clothes around so they can brush gently against each other to remove dirt.

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What Do We like


The 8kg washing machine has a large tub that can take a lot of clothes in one wash. The washing machine is well suited for families of up to five members or more.


Even though the washing machine has a two-year comprehensive warranty and a motor with five years warranty, you will use this washing machine for a long time without having to use any of its warranty. Its body is rust free and also the stainless steel drum.

Wash Tray

The washing machine has a wash tray that provides a separate area for you to pre-treat your clothes before putting them in the washing machine. You can also hand scrub your clothes in this tray and it is also useful when you need to remove the washed clothes from the washing machine.


The washing machine is designed with wheels to allow easy movement around the house. You can always take the washing machine to any comfortable spot to wash your clothes.

What We Don’t Like

Child Lock

The washing machine does not come with a child lock function to protect your washing settings from being tampered with.


This large Godrej washing machine is a very durable product and we recommend it because of its quality. It comes at a reasonable price and delivers an excellent wash. You will enjoy using this washing machine.

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