Godrej 8.5 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WS EDGEPRO 850 ES Wn Rd) Review

Godrej is a reliable home appliance brand that is known for its quality washing machines. The company which is based in India specializes in a lot of products like Aerospace, Agriculture, Consumer goods, Home appliances, Chemicals and many more. The Edge Pro washing machine offers a high-quality wash. The washing machine is designed with the latest aquajet pulsator technology and also comes with a wash tray for your convenience.

This top-loading washing machine is one of the best washing machines in the market today and offers a lot of useful features. It also comes in an attractive design and will compliment your home decor.


Aqua Jet Pulsator

This feature of the washing machine washes your clothes by creating a water flow pressure that can move your clothes around the washing machine for a better way. It is one of the unique ways this washing machine gets rid of the dirt on your clothes.

Active Soak

Before you can remove difficult stains, you will need to treat your clothes by soaking them for up to 20 minutes. While you soak your clothes in this washing machine, the pulsator will help more tow loosen the stubborn stains especially if the clothes are very soiled.

Wash Tray

The washing tray can serve as a loading tray to sort out your clothes and also lift dry clothes from the washing machine. It also provides an area where you can treat your clothes and even hand scrub your clothes without having to bend down.


The wheels on this washing machine make it easy to move it around your home. The wheels are big and you can move them easily on any floor without expending a lot of energy.

Spin Shower

This Bosch washing machine has a tub that spins very fast and will make sure that will make the water mix evenly with your clothes. The spin shower rinses your clothes properly so that no detergent is left behind.

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What Do We like


This high-quality washing machine is designed to last long. It comes with a comprehensive warranty of two years while its motor carries a five-year warranty.


The 8.5kg washing machine comes with a large tub. It can take washing jobs for large families. You can wash a lot of clothes every day using this washing machine.


The body of the washing machine is made of 100% Rust Proof Polypropylene Body which means that you won’t be changing your washing machine anytime soon

What We Don’t Like

Child Lock

The washing machine does not come with any child lock settings. You won’t be able to protect your wash settings from tampering.


Godrej is a product that has stood confidently with well-known brands in the home appliance market because of their quality. The company puts a lot of innovation and solutions in their products to make life easier. We will recommend this washing machine because it is an excellent product.

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