Inalsa Dezire Car Vacuum Cleaner Review

Inalsa Dezire 60 Watt Vacuum cleaner is a lightweight, attractive, and portable vacuum cleaner, designed especially for cars. It comes with a plastic body, this weighing less than 1 kg.

It can be used only on DC batteries. Thus, it is easy to clean the car, using the car battery as the energy source.



The Inalsa Dezire, 60 Watt vacuum cleaner, is a tiny, compact device, measuring about 35 cm in length, 11.5 cm in width, and 12.5 cm in height.

Light Weight

Being made of plastic, Inalsa Dezire 60 Watt car vacuum cleaner weighs less than a kg, about 721 grams, thus making it very light and easily portable.


The Inalsa Dezire 60 Watt comes equipped with a cloth filter, that is very convenient to store dust picked up from vacuuming. Being made up of cloth, the filter can be washed regularly.

Power Cord

The Inalsa Dezire 60 Watt Car vacuum cleaner has a 5-meter long power cord. This makes the vacuum cleaner very easily go around the car and reach places where it is hard to reach.


The Dezire car vacuum cleaner comes with a 60W motor. The motor runs only on DC battery. As a result, the car battery can be used as the power source, thus making it very easy to use it vacuuming the car.

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What Do We like

Multi-Surface cleaner

The Inalsa Dezire car vacuum cleaner can be used on both wet and dry surfaces, thus making it very useful to clean water spills on car seats as well as dust from the car.


Dezire 60 Watt Car Vacuum cleaner from Inalsa, being made from plastics weighs only about 0.72kg. It also comes with a very comfortable handle that makes it very user-friendly and convenient to carry around.


The Inalsa Dezire Vacuum Cleaner is convenient to use the device. It has a lovely look and has the appearance of a handheld gun. It comes in a bright silver color.


The Inalsa Dezire 60-Watt Vacuum Cleaner has suction power, can clean both dry and wet surfaces, and comes from the home of Inalsa. In spite of all these features, it is priced under INR 2000 only, thus making it budget-friendly.

What We Don’t Like

Low Suction Power

As the Inalsa Dezire comes with a 60 Watt motor, the suction power generated is about two kPa. This generated power is not up to the mark to clean the embedded dust along with this. It does not have a blower function.

Inadequate accessories

The dirt collection bag is not provided with Inalsa Dezire 60W Car Vacuum Cleaner, which makes the motor easily dirty and deteriorates its function. It also comes with only two nozzles, which are not small enough to reach corners of seats, cup holders, in between switches, etc.


The Inalsa Dezire 60-Watt Car Vacuum cleaner is a very compact, lightweight, and portable vacuuming device. As it runs on DC battery, it can easily be connected to the car’s output point.

With shallow suction pressure, it makes it ideal for car cleaning, though the suction power should be improved.

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