Eureka Forbes Euroclean Litevac Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Eureka Forbes Euroclean Litevac Vacuum Cleaner, as the name suggests, is a light cleaning vacuum cleaner. It is a very compact and handy vacuum cleaner with excellent suction power.

Here we have reviewed Eureka Forbes Euroclean Litevac Vacuum Cleaner in detail

Let’s look at the features


The Eureka Forbes Euroclean Litevac is a very compact vacuum cleaner, thus making it easy for storage. It also comes without a bag but at the same time, has a high suction power of 1324 mm.

Zero bend cleaning

The Eureka Forbes Euroclean Litevac is a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t bend. This mode transforms the cleaning experience by reaching hard to reach areas, without bending, thus giving the user a comfortable and convenient cleaning experience.

Cyclonic Suction system

The Euroclean Litevac vacuum cleaner from Eureka Forbes has a cyclonic suction system that ensures suction power doesn’t drop in between.

Lightweight and Handy

The Euroclean Litevac model is made from plastic and is very light in weight of about 1.79kgs. It comes in a deep maroon color, which gives it a chic appearance.

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What Do We like

Light cleaning vacuum cleaner

As the name Litevac suggests, the Euroclean Litevac vacuum cleaner from Eureka Forbes is a super useful tool for light dusting. It does a wonderful job in small apartments.


The lightweight, super handy Euroclean Litevac from Eureka Forbs is very easy to use, and being lightweight can be used by everyone.

Easy to store

As the Eureka Forbes Euroclean Litevac is made of plastic and has a compact structure, it can be stored without occupying much space.

Suction function

The Euroclean Litevac has a powerful motor, regardless of its size. It also has a powerful suction system, making it an efficient cleaning vacuum cleaner.

What We Don’t Like


As most of the compact vacuum cleaners available in the market, the Euroclean Litevac isn’t any different. It creates a noise of about 72 decibels, making it hard to use.

Can’t be used for heavy cleaning

The Euroclean Litevac can’t be used for heavy cleaning as it has a zero blower function and a little suction power despite the powerful motor.

Warranty and unavailability of spares

Eureka Forbes provides a warranty of only one year against manufacturing defects. Once the warranty period is over, it is challenging to find the spare parts or the accessories in the market.


The Eureka Forbes Euroclean Litevac is light use, lightweight vacuum cleaner. It is handy for cleaning carpets or bed and linen. It does the job as the name suggests and is worth the money. But heavy and thorough cleaning can’t be expected from it.

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