Fitkit FT061- 1.25 HP (1.75 HP peak) Motorized Steel Treadmill Review

Fitkit is premium fitness gear engineered with principle, performance, and progress for the modern human. The Fitkit FT061 offers an LED display where you can track all of your activities. It also keeps you prepared by having a bottle holder and a safety clip so you can keep yourself hydrated and have a safe work out.


Heart Rate Monitor: Heart rate plays an important role in any kind of workout. The steadier the heart rate is; the more fat is burned. So this heart rate monitor will help you understand your health and fitness status better.

Powerful Motor

A good workout session might long last, so it needs a powerful motor like the one FitKit FT061 has. You can work out for long, cause this treadmill comes with a very powerful yet noise-free motor. The motor is tested to be used for longer periods and it heats less.

Digital Dashboard

Fitkit FT061 has a very advanced dashboard that displays speed, distance, calories, heart rate and time. You can also use different modes and 12 presets workouts for you which will be displayed on the LED.

It also has high-quality speakers built in so that you can play audio tracks via AUX and USB ports.

Safety Clip

While you’re running/walking on the treadmill you should attach the safety clip to your apparel and begin running/walking. This way when you drift back, the machine will stop automatically preventing any major injuries.

Bottle Holder

Now you don’t have to get off the treadmill while running to drink water. It comes with a bottle holder where you can place a bottle and drink water whenever you want to.

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What Do We like

Long Motor Life

The Fitkit treadmill is developed in the same biomechanics used for Fitkit health club equipment, so the treadmill is proven to last. It will long last even after using it for long hours on a daily basis. The performance is excellent.

FitPlus App

Fitkit FT061 gives you a free subscription to FitPlus App for 6 months. It includes a free 6-month diet and fitness plan. This treadmill comes with the functionality which allows it to connect with the FitPlus App so that it can display all the stats in real-time.

Easy to Fold

Workout sessions can be intense sometimes. At that point, we need a treadmill that we can fold and move to its place easily. This treadmill is manufactured by keeping this simple thought in mind.

Build Quality

The build quality of this treadmill is very good. It has a sturdy body, and also it’s quite easy to install. It can hold up to 80kg of weight.

Auto Lubrication

All you need to do is just put lubricant in the provided slot and the machine will do the rest.

What We Don’t Like


Running speed is limited by 14km/h.


This Treadmill is an excellent choice for home-based workouts. It’s user-friendly, easy to install, easy to move from one place to another. And because of the safety clip feature, it always prioritizes the safety of you at the top.

This is the best value for money option to consider going for. It comes with a 1-year warranty against motor and 1-year warranty on parts.

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Koushik Mondal

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