Fitkit FK400 Elliptical Trainer Review

Equipping yourself with the Fitkit FK400 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer means performing a low-impact workout to your upper and lower body in the most effective and convenient way. This fitness equipment is suitable for those who want to have their workout in the comfort of their own homes. You will no longer be guilty of not going to the gym because you can now bring the gym into your house by getting your own FK400 bike.

Exercising indoors has a lot of advantages, it includes decreased the risk of injury and preventing accidents that may have occurred while having your exercise outdoors. This enables you to have that utmost comfort and convenience in exercising. You will see exercise in a different way!


LCD Monitor and Heart Rate Sensor

This bike from Fitkit is equipped with an LCD monitor that indicates the distance you have traveled, the time you have taken to travel it, the calories you have burned and a heart rate sensor that can track your heart rate during your cardio workouts.

Adjustable Seat Positioning

This magnetic bike from Fitkit is designed to have an adjustable seat.  This is specifically designed to accommodate the user’s different body shapes, sizes, and types. The adjustable seat ensures that the body gets the proper workout position during the duration of the exercises and allows the body to precisely conform to the equipment to prevent the risk of injuries and pain during the whole duration of the workout.

Adjustable Resistance Levels

Fitkit FK400 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance. This can easily be adjusted the intensity by using the convenient tension knob. With a simple turn of this knob, you can personalize your workout aimed to help you meet your fitness goals. Adjusting the resistance and intensity means setting your goals higher by challenging yourself into a more advanced intensity.

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What Do We like

Fitness and Diet Plan

Unlike any other indoor bike, this bike from Fitkit has this unique feature called the F+ App. This feature allows you to start planning ahead your diet and fitness plans. You can also record your fitness improvements and customize and plan meals . The advice and plans that are set up are based on each individual’s age/health.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were obsereved.


Fitkit FK400 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer takes your exercise to a whole new level. It may be a bit difficult from other bikes because you just tend to be in a standing position throughout the whole workout, but the advantage is that you get to be challenged more.

After all, regardless of what equipment you use, the desired results still depend on your consistency. As long as you are doing your part, then you can achieve your goal. This equipment only assists you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.

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